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خالد عبدالله

Im huawei fan but to be honest galaxy is way better than p30

Гоша Ненастоящий

photo p 30 pro win
video full hd s10 win
video 4k p30 pro win

Sherwin Dlamini

Huawei pictures are more real for me... I strongly go with Huawei all the way, i must upgrade my p20

hasan ather

Is there a clicking sound when opening the camera, i am experiencing this on my s10 plus!!!


The P30 Pro color is very real, the color saturation of the Galaxy S10 Plus has been enhanced, Huawei's details are very good, and the P30 Pro is cheaper than the Galaxy S10 Plus. I chose Huawei.

Apple Pie

Love Samsung... its better than iphone and waterproofed and cheaper


I have the P30 Pro, three days now. Camera... WOW, and I also own the Note 9 comparatively. Zoom and low light are crazy good. Colors are more accurate too. Battery life is super!

Daire You

I prefer using these phone with 128 gb internal memory and 6 to 8gb ram. Than iphone with 63 gb internal without sd card slot and only 4gb ram but more expensive... appl sucks...

Alvin Ma

fanboys mouth water war.if you're a serious buyer, don't base your decision on those paid videos.

Niko the Alaskan Malamute

S10+ better overall i think at least in daytime in pics and video which is were u will use your phone the majority of the time
the zoom is pretty cool though on P30 Pro samsung need to step it up next year heh

Captain Kidd

s10 plus will always look sharper its a less zoom. take pictures with p30 on 2x zoom then come back at me with results. P30 PRO ALL THE WAY!!

Cris Alfonso Dinopoehl

I had S-series until s9plus. Now i tried Huawei and it turned just fine. Camera is the big deal. Forget everything!


Te crees chavo ruco. 😂😂😂😂😂


p30 is a good camera but just not consistent. s10 is the best for consistency at all aspects

Daniel D

Yo man did you hear about the new Leovo Z6 Pro? Maybe do some comparison betwen the Lenovo Z6 Pro and s10 plus as apparently it has some new features! Thanks. Good comparison by the way.

André Mota

why no body is tetsing raw dng images,this is all software post procesing


Sorry it's late! Finally got around to putting it together, hope you enjoyed it #SuperSafStyle 😎 Which is your overall pick?

Debunker Debunkers

I love p30 pro! The noise cancelling is awesome

Steven Attila

When a 5x optical zoom Samsung will come?? 2x is just not enough!

lunga baker

Buying a P30 for its Camera and receiving shitty software and ugly hardware.

Memun Khalouf
Super Saf, bro. I had the S10 it had an issue that if you hit play on a voice message before you can get the phone to your ear it blast the message so everyone can hear it and so loud. I assumed it's an issue with the proximity sensor and software? So I traded up to the P30 Pro. I enjoy the much longer battery life and I'm a shooter not a vlog or video guy so 4k at 30 is great for me I don't need more. I often feel so many people get stuck on just the… Read more »
Mert Şendaldal

Choose s10+ unless you spy on someone