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Asad Khan

Does oppo Reno 10x zoom have potrait mode on during video recording


processed (p30 pro) vs un — processed (oppo)

Ikan Hiu

Huawei P30 Pro The best of the best.

Earl Aleman

Cool phone but cant afford im just 14 year old kid but keep up the good work the keep inspiring others 👍👍👍😁😁😁

Glacicer Family Treks & Expedition

Here I found no reason to compare between these two high and mid range device !

jayesh patel

Please make a video on huawei p30 pro n Xperia 1

Khemraj Thing

These 2 phone are not even comparable to each other

MîLåN SăJãn

👎🏻eetni badi tech channel... Or TOF CaMera Men†ion nai kiYa...!!!

Nagaraj Magadum

Worst comparison coz oppo will not beat Huawei brand ever 🤗

Awatar Gautam

Oppo was never ever never comparable to Huawei.

Loveray Rayco

oddo must learn a lot..........wkwkwkwk

Archi S

Unfortunately theres no IP rating on the Oppo Reno which is a deal breaker for me.

William Chen

May I know which phone is the best for vlogging huawei p30 pro or oppo Reno 10x zoom?