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For me S10+ is the winner. Looks the most natural.

Dlol Face

5:07 P30 looks like it's a model from a sofware like UE4 or unity, Galaxy S10 captures great, balanced with the time (night) and Iphone looks like a ps3 Model Detail


Pourquoi il est tout rouge le gars ???? 😂😂😂😂

Bitter Sweet Truth

Omg this video made me so frustrated 😂 they all have different specific perks on the what I love, the p30 has the best zoom, the S10 has the best slow mo and the 10 max has the best selfies 😭 why cant I just get a phone with all three 😭

James Su

P30 pro best camera smartphone. V much better than xs max.

Ivan J. Mandić

Video on iPhone is like 5 years ahead of competition.

Mohammed Al Shehri

iPhone is garbage when you compare it with these two monsters, I don't know why some people still put iPhone side by side with Samsung and Huawei.

ethiraj veeraraghavan

P30 Camera zoom — objects appear in your camera screen is farther away than they are 😀


iPhone pictures be like playing FPS games with FOV 50

Fairy Chaewon.

I started to become a fan of Huawei this year Idk why myabe bcz of its good quality

Giovana Milena

while iphone is completely dark, huawei is like a lighter

Giovana Milena

ok i like the frontal camera of the s10+ better

Ewa from Warszawa

very good and informative review — thank you for this one! However, each of them has different specs and performs best in different situations... I only want to buy one of them and still can not decide which one will make the race... lol

Ban Stokes

Humm IPhone Xs Best and Number One Smart phone😍😍😍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Eugene van Eck

I have the P30Pro and I have to say I'm still yet to use a filter on instagram, its just an absolute pleasure to use no filters! And battery life kills any other phone on the market too! Huawei user for life!!


What about thurd party apps, is Huawei P30 allowing to record 60fps, in open camera app, or other third party apps?

Erick Muñoz
Great video I think colors and also portrait pics are lot more realistic on in this new galaxy and even more in the iPhone, I think there are some features like zooming where huawei is way much better but I mean, I’m not looking for a telescope for taking pictures of the moon while pictures of my friends, family and I look bad cause they have the sky looking blue as** and my skin orange, I have an iPhone XS and I had never tried taking a picture in a long distance with it because it is a super specific… Read more »
Potato _toasted

"It almost crushes the blacks" -Mrwhoosetheboss

Eman Buhamad

Is P30 pro and the normal P30 have the same camera or is it different?

Rishi Gupta

Obviously Huawei... this is the best camera phone I have ever seen

Louis louis

Only me still with iPhone 7+ in 2019 😆

Nicole Zander

The XS max is by far the best and most accurate. The quality of the P30 feels plastic and fake and the colors and exposure are way off!