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Rico's Story

I bought the equipment on Aliexpress and some alternatives. Total price was like 360 euro's. Going to drop a video about it soon!

RemekTek Media

Your battery adapter link doesn't work!
I have previously used a battery eliminator on an X-H1. After that the X-H1 failed with the internal battery apparently discharging at 1% per SECOND! I can't say for sure that the two events are cause and effect, however I am now scared to do the same with my X-T3 and prefer to power it via the USB-C connection, from a V-Lock battery's USB output.

Not Profane

How long does the battery last powering both? (4k monitor + cam)

Antoine Matuttis Music

Loved the video! Where is the shoulder rig follow up tho?

Adam J. Richman

Cool video, but you didn't even discuss or link to the best part of this rig... the cold shoe offset. That looks like a great piece of kit and would be useful when my WC offset isn't in play. Link?

Jon Alexander

Nice! I’ve been looking everywhere for handheld rig solutions for my Pocket 4K & could only find shoulder rig solutions, which I’m not a big fan of. Just ordered parts from Amazon, can’t wait to build!

Not Profane

Absoultely stunning! Thanks for all the tips! Now im switching from Canon to Fuji! 😉 How can you power the monitor and the camera using a Power Delivery Bank like the ones from Anker that are recommended?!

Esben Johansen

Thank you for this set up🙏🏻

I’m making this set up myself also.

However, do you have ideas on altering this set up slightly to work efficiently with vertical filming?

Clifford Mason

Thanx for your tips and suggestions. They're very helpful. The $100.00 question is when using the BMPCC4k Smallrig full cage, how would you power a Nucleus Nano when you have a T5 SSD attached? Also with regards to your microphone, wouldn't it be better if you used a shotgun mic?

RemekTek Media

Good to see your rig. I am doing my own version, slightly differently — just because of the bits that I have. I will have to make a video about it too. Well done for doing this. 🙂

Mattia Bonanno

I really wanted to know something about that sunhood you show at the beginning but you don't mention at all later.


Great video. Thanks for your hard work. Question. What tripod would you recommend to go with this set up? I'm looking for an entry point of a good tripod, around 100 dollars that will do a good job whose tripod head will accommodate the plates you use in the build. Thanks in advance for anyone's help on this. I wanted to pick up a tripod that d4darious recommend, but idk if the tripod head it comes with supports the proper arca swiss plate used here so I may need an alternative


hello great video again ... thanks for sharing your knowledge with us...! PLEASE if you got a minute give me your help... I'm watching your videos and they are very smooth on moving. My videos are choppes and looks like break to frames...! this happends with canon 70 D on 25 fps ... and Canon G9x mark ii ... on 30 or 60 fps ( before or after the video editing happen the same ) ...!!! Can you tell me what is wrong ...? thank you very much for your time ...!

Christian B. Schmidt #SEODRIVEN

Could you please make a video about the BMCP4K rig too? I think for this camera a kind of rig like that would be even more valuable!


That's an awful lot of useless shit hanging off your camera. Just take it all off and go take photos, trust me, you don't need that crap.

John Kokujin

what about the blackmagic video assist? seems somehow better than the shinobi
thanks in advance caleb!

Forced Media

I Built a cinema rig using the Nikon Z7 and while on location on top of Diamond Head a Filipino filmmaker on vacation made me an offer to buy the rig I just built.

Chris Cruz

Great video! Long-time watcher, first-time commener! How much run time do you get out of that NPF powering the camera and monitor with the GH5 or BMPCC4K?


Just to make sure I'm not missing anything; the Arca Swiss Plate has to be removed every time the camera is put in or taken out of the cage, correct?

Scott Slotterbeck

Kessler Kwik plate gone from Amazon, at least temporarily.

Dirk Heckel
Hi Caleb — I have been experimenting with building a similar setup by using smallrig parts that I won already and your configuration was very helpful and inspiring for this. But I actually have been looking without success for a dummy battery to connect the NF-P battery carrier that you recommended to the NP-F slot on the back of my field monitor (to move the weight of the NP-F 950s that I have to the back of the rack rather than having that heavy monitor setup. Can you (or anybody else) recommend a dummy that fits into the Battery plate and… Read more »
Iki’s Photo

what's that record button on the shutter button? anyone?

Edward Bruce-Radcliffe

Hi, which HDMI clamp did you use? Couldn't see it listed? Thanks for the videos, they really are a massive help!


Awesome job , and really like how you put the step by step instructions together , I now have ordered this same setup

Rafael Gomes

Hi, have you tried to connect a v-mount battery through a dummy battery to the fuji ?

DSLR Video Shooter

Part 2 is DONE! See how I built a shoulder rig that works with this setup! https://youtu.be/5eUeD7f1xPI

Captain Future

Great solution! I took your thoughts and have used them also for my GoPro El Grande extension pole. Click, click and I’ve my monitor on the pole when I’m using the GoPro. Thx!

One question, what bag do you use? I moved from the nice little form factor of the a6500 to a quite big size with the rig and the monitor (I don’t have the battery module and the lower components). Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thx for all your content. Love it!


I would love to see some side by sides to see how the motion looks in shooting video

Colin Ziemer

How do you close the battery door with the dummy battery?


Nice rig! I like your mentality of no tools for adjusting

Will Roy Media

Waiting for the shoulder rig video. Can't wait

RemekTek Media

At 5:33 you are saying that you are powering up the Shinobi monitor, yet it is showing an Atomos logo. I am confused...