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Kevin Ammann

lets get this out of the way, amd has been shredding intel with ryzen...;)

Ash Sherr

if you think amd never had a "better for games" period, you don't know your history.


core i9 9700k? is this typo or you found something special intel cpu? maybe core i7?

David Schwartz

I'd really like to see these with things other than gaming or stress testing. I produce music (just as a hobby but still) using FL Studio. Try rendering a full song using shitloads of channels and effects etc with HT, without, more cores/less. Rendering these workloads would be insane to chart out.

Shubham Gangwe

Yoooo... Finally... Intel should realize... Putting there ego aside...

Daniel Handika

Why Linus's voice change many times in this video?

lamborghini _123

This single video has turned me from an intel fanboy to an amd fanboy.

Neil Reed

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stevae wei
Why would you have given up on AMD before this recent release, when everything they've done over the past few years is nothing short of miraculous???? They have less than a tenth of Intel's budget and have steadily put their foot in Intel's ass. After all of the illegal and nasty things Intel did to AMD almost two decades ago, they STILL managed to come back, are stronger than ever and once again are putting their foot on Intel's neck. They have taken over the console space. They have taken a huge chunk of the server space from Intel, and… Read more »
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Considering upgrading from an i5 2400. I'm scared.


AMD thoroughly butt-fucked Intel back in the day too. You really can't hide your bias can you?

Connor Mitchell

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Lucas Fernandes

Intel reminds me of EA for their greed. Hopefully AMD take their place