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Jeremiah Pierucci

Anyone have raw files? I’m finding it VERY difficult to believe this is sharper at 400mm than the 100-400mm. If so, I might need to reconsider getting it.

Max Kluge

Great video, really appreatiate the indepth review.
there is one question im interested in, i plan on buying the sony a7rIV . I wonder how this lens is gonna resolve on that body. In that regard, could you maybe test this lens on an aps-c body? this way one could get a feel for the sharpness that will be possibly on the a7rIV

Ronald L. York

Just saw your review. Question, are you keeping the 100-400 and adding the 200-600 or will you go with one lens. Sounds like you really like the 200-600. I have both and considering selling the 100-400. Thoughts?

Nature Photography Show

Excellent Juan! I was wondering how this stacks up to the 100-400. Sounds like a great deal from Sony.

You mentioned the 24-105. Do you also have the 24-70 f2.8? Would love to see a video comparing the two.

Also, I’m glad to see you on YouTube!!

Stéphan Poulin

Great review! Tks! What are your focusing setting for bird photography? I've some problem whit the 200-600mm and a7r3!

Mick Jury

A fabulous detailed review Juan, Thank you for doing this, I have the same set up in both cameras and lenses, I found pretty much the same results you have, I was hoping to be able to sell my 100-409 GM. But I do a lot of BIF and have found on small birds the 200-600 G does drop quite a few images that the 100-400 never did, large slower birds not a problem, it’s an amazing lens for the value I think and would highly recommend it as you do to I am sure.

Daran from hell

Just to confirm your findings, I also did a sharpness comparison between the 100-400GM and the 200-600G and found pretty much the same: the G is slightly sharper, even at 400mm.

Charles Mann

Fantastic review and wonderful photography. I primarily photograph small to medium sized birds. I now use thevA7RIII with the 100-400 with 1.4 teleconverter — mostly in crop mode. Have you tried the 200-600 in crop mode with your A7Riii with or without the 1.4? By the way I have the A7RiV on backorder so I can use the 1.4 with the 200-600.

Steven Waldstein

Haven't compared them head to head so thank you for that direct comparison. I am really enjoying the new 200-600 and found a great back that lets me take both out in the field. The ThinkTANKStreetwalker Pro is working out great for that.

Barry Roberts

Have you compared an image at 600mm with the 100-400 cropped? I don't do much telephoto work, since I dropped my 70-400mm G (A series adapted for E mount and repaired, it is not as sharp now.) but am interested in moving back to that kind of photography. I appreciate your experience and your review.

Jens Hauser

Would it be a big difference with the A7 III instead of the R?

mark rigg
I suspect the edge sharpness wont be as good on the 200-600. Thats the test I'd like to see. Its a common trait of cheaper lenses to be good in the centre only. The test was done at 400mm so it could directly compare to the g master. The problem with this is that most people are buying this lense because it goes to 600! Its how sharp it is at this focal length thats going to matter to most people. A comparison at 600 to the g master at 400 would be more helpful to me. The g master… Read more »
Christopher Engell

Hi Juan, very good job on your review! 1 note mirrorless cameras have front focus or back focus as the focusing is on the sensor but with a DSLR which you may have used does have front & back focus. Also with the A7R3 and A9 the AF is more accurate of focus than you can get with focus peaking or visual at hi mag because the focus by wire is not a accrate as the cameras AF. Please share more again great video!!

Peter Casey

Hi Juan, great vid & automatic sub really enjoyed, I’m a newbie to photography & got A7Rii about a year ago, have this lens over a month but AF is not so good on moving subjects with A7Rii, stationery subjects wow, if I may my question is: I have A9 arriving Monday & finding it difficult to decide on which SD cards to get for it, any help I will really appreciate

Eric Bent

How do you think this lens would perform with the Sony a6500 ? Great review by the way. Thank you.

Dave Curtis

Great review. When the A7R4 is available, it would be great to see if there is an increase in AF speed compared to the A7R3.

J Cooper

Get used to the 200-600mm and sell the 100-400mm 🙂

Robert Holloway

This is an awesome detailed review. Did you try your 200-600 with your TC 1.4? I have just received my 200-600 and hope it works well with the 1.4. Thank you!

Richard Ehlin

Never ever use teleconverters with zoom lenses. A zoom lens is a compromise to start with. Use the 100-400 on its own and the 600 with a converter if needed.

Gauthier Peel

For birds I use the a6400 + 100-400 GM.
Have you done the comparison between
a6400+ 100-400 + x1,4
a6400 + 100-600 ?
I would love to see that !
And really thank you for your valuable test, it is really THE test I was waiting for.