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JohnJ Kh

Thanks so much for the VDO, I'm just about to buy my first CCTV and I'm lucky to have seen your channel before buying them...
I will get the one with 5MP camera.

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Is it necessary to have easy access to the reset switch? If so is it possible to make the reset switch cable longer?

François dépannage

Hello, I'm on a remote solar system, do you have an idea about the consumption of this NVR itself (watts) ? The cameras do consume a lot in night vision because of power leds I suppose ? I suppose the hard drive is running continuously ?
how long a HHD can live 24/24 , the speed is very quick inside I think ?

George Nassif

how do you save a video from the nvr box? Onto a usb drive?


will less expensive Poe cameras from other brands work with the reolink nvr

Jayantha Raj

I really loved the way you have presented. It was very easy to follow. Your display is very clear and square. I have one problem and that is the display is curved on both sides. How can I overcome this situation? Please advise. Thanks.

luxury carkey720

You did a great job very neat work im going to invest in this system i need 6 cameras question how do they hold up in bad weather...

Will Anderson

Nice vid. I don't suppose you would know how to fast forward your NVR recorded vision using the Reolink client?

Steve W

A very concise video... Like so many others, I appreciate that you cut past the BS and get to the facts and present the installation and software use in a top-to-bottom manner. Thank you.

Moritz Münch

Do I have to plug the LAN cable directly into one of the 8 ports, or does it work if the camera is in the same network as the NVR?
Thanks for help 🙂

Vinh Nguyen

Reolink should pay you, I'm buying a system cause of this video


Do it or can you select detection zone with this unit?


THANKYOU for taking us through your whole installation process. Such informative information, plus stunning BIG house! We don't get them like that here in the UK! I've just started purchasing Reolink cameras and will put together my own custom system.

Brandon Fontaine

Do you know how to set it up so I can access the NVR/Cameras remotely without the software? The IP of my camera is in the 172 network and the NVR is in the 192 network also.


Can you tell me the approximate size of the living room and viewing area that you show on the one camera. I'm trying to decide which type of camera to go with and how many I'd need.

mark ringham

I have installed the NVR and camera is working , I have installed the reolink app and it worked for about 2 mins then when I try and view remotely I get conection failed ?. can anyone help

Michael Jones

Thank you for a great video! I looked all over the Reolink website for a tutorial on their software and couldn't find anything. Luckily, you've already created a good one. Great job!

Tammy Akers

Do you have to have a NVR with Reolink to Work?

h lender

Excellent video. Makes it so easy to understand how to install the system. You covered all the important parts. Thanks again.

Smarty Marty

great video, showing start to finish, thank you.

Nick Wall

I have 4 Reolink cameras and they are shit. Very good quality WHEN they work but mine constantly disconnect and will only re-connect by removing from the house and having to connect via Ethernet. The firmware will also not update on any of the cameras. Reolink customer support is extremely slow and pretty much useless. They even offered me 8% discount on 2 of my cameras for the issue I am facing. I would rather the cameras actually properly work than have a discount.

I do NOT recommend Reolink at all.

daniele scarrica

thanks for the video,
I have 2 questions, at minute 12:25 you show the event 'motion'

do you have an alarm/notification on your phone in this case?
do it is possible select only a part of screen for mouvement detection? for exemple is it possible to haven't an event for a car in the street (13:00) and have an alert only if car is in your propriety ? (without change frame or angle of camera).
thanks in advance