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The ISO setting dial was one way many film cameras manually set ISO to match or uprate/downrate films. You could set the camera to ISO 320 with Portra 400, slightly over exposing and giving a nicer look, for example. But in those days you'd set ISO and leave it there for as long as that roll of film was in place. Now, with digital, you might control the ISO much more often, making the mechanical method cumbersome. It's a retro throwback which made sense in film days, but much less sense now.

David Ransom

F.U.P.A. — Fuji's Ultimate Place to Accessorize.

Rob L.

I pre-ordered one back in 2017 but pulled my order after they delayed shipping twice and early copies had some build quality issues.
Maybe I'll check out the next gen X-100 next year.

Mike Brunetti

This is such a cool little camera! I’m between this and a Lumix gx9 as a general walking around camera. I’d probably get the 15mm Leica lens if I went with the gx9.

Márk Michaletzky

I think you should take a look at the canon m100, with the 22 f2 or some adapted ef lenses

Zed Pro Media

Great review! I loved the x100f when I had it. More cameras need built-in ND

Rob L.

Why are you telling people to buy this used from B&H for around $800?
They only have two used and they're both over $1K.
Might as well buy brand new from Amazon for $1048.


Fort Knox

Super into mine ... kinda want a XPRO2 ... but will wait for a 3

Pete The Meat

Brilliant camera. No need for an update what so ever. Two gens ago it was still brilliant. The F is a great unit. Some specs have moved on, so what!!! 😂


I have a couple fujis, and I’ve always put off getting one of these, because I see the Canon M100 with the 22f2 and I just don’t know where the value is best.

marvin luna

Awesome video/review. Everything I wanted to know in 2019 expressed in a straight forward manner.


What do you guys think of the X100F? Is it worth it in 2019? If you're interested in buying one, please consider using our affiliate link here: Fuji X100F


But trusted sources now informed us, that the Fujifilm X100V (or X200) will be launched in 2020 only!


once the price drops around 500 I am gonna get one, been eyeballing it for a loooong time 😛
definitely one of the best looking digital cameras on the market!

Ryan Yao

I have a x100T, really wish they get a new update soon.

Scott Waldron
I had one for quite a while. The optical view is beautiful, but not super practical in practice so I was often using the EVF. I had wanted to try that series of camera since the original X100. I eventually traded it in along with my Nikon DSLRs so I could get gear that does a better job in video situations (oddly enough I went with a pair of low cost Canon M50 bodies and lenses, haha). I'm not sure I'd get another X100 series camera at this point. There was a lot to like, but I'd want a lens… Read more »

as i call it the Leica that we could afford haha, obviously not even close to Leica

Griffin Conway

Bought this for when I don’t want to carry my 1dx ii around. Love this little guy. It’s a joy for all non-professional work. Great review Dave!

Michael Dimitriu

Nice Review. Been thinking about buying this camera for a long time, but decided to go for the eos rp with the rf 35mm lens as a walk around camera!


Just ordered the x100f last week for personal daily camera. Cant wait!

TCO Collective

The X100F is an awesome camera and yet I'm here still waiting for a follow-up to the incredible Fujifilm X70.


'all those specs are fine and dandy, they are a little outdated' Really? It's a fixed 23mm f/2 digital rangefinder. If anything, it's still worth it and far more advanced than some of the current APSC offerings from other makers.

Why wouldn't you consider comparing it to the Ricoh GRII/III? Have you handled one? Although the FOV is different, they are both fixed, APSC cameras with a similar intended use for street and travel.

In terms of ISO adjustment, I believe you can map it to the front command dial.

Eddie Hawe

No mention of the high flash sync speed, no mention of nd filter, fairly dismissive of ovf. Pretty poor review.