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Kevin Johnson

I am sorry to learn of your diagnosis. Here's hoping for the long range prognosis! I know that my photo problem...er...hobby has caused me to never take for granted those things I see through the lens.


Adam I will join those praying for you. The timing really sucks for you.

Fernando Neves

I hope & i'pray for you to Our almighty God to heal your sight you are a good person and your passion for photography is so captivating all the best for you .

Dennis Skyum

Aw damn Adam, wish you all the best with your health.


My uncle has the same thing, dry macular degeneration (dmd), but worst.
Once a CO of the SAS.
He lost his family during the 9/11 in NY, USA.
He searched with his beloved dog to find his family.
They cloud dusts around the towers somehow caused dmd.
Then his beloved dog died of cancer from the dusts.
Three of his friends (SAS) also died from cancer.

So far, my uncle eyes are not ending south.
Just his sadness remains.

Wishing you the best as I do also for my uncle.

Independently Blind

Welcome to my world called Stargardt’s if you have any questions in your transition follow me on my channel and many more. It’s not the end it’s just the beginning.

Rolando Munari

All the best with the treatment! Hope you’ll keep a good sight 👍
You may wanna try the Cortex Camera app: it can take up to 99 RAW pictures in a row and blend them into a higher resolution picture: really good for static subjects (but quite cool also for water’s motion blur, if you like that stuff). In any case it increases significantly the resolving power of the final image.
Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

Andy Conway

Adam, I'm very sorry to hear this news. You have and will always be one of my first inspirational characters when it comes to photography and landscapes. Great video as always and never give up!

Yavor Kapitanov

Mind you, you still had to use lenses to make those photos better looking. So all in all I don't think smaller sensors like on smartphones are gonna get better, it's just physics of optics and light. You can't change that stuff imo...

Steven Harte

Part I: Wow, feel for you with your eye condition, especially since you are a photographer. Just sent up a prayer that your condition is curable or at least can be brought under control. Be well, my friend! Part II: Great feedback about the ability of today's smartphones to do a decent job photographically. I continually remind myself of the brilliance of these devices. I tend to look to my mirrorless camera as the tool for photography, but all the while, the smartphone is taking leaps and bounds to make it in parts, superfluous.

Richard Stollar

The prospect of going blind scares me — I have lived with eye problems all my life but not as serious as what you're facing. Thanks for sharing as your emotions really showed through when you did. Love the channel and if you ever think of visiting Bulgaria then let me know — some wonderful scenery here for you.


All the best, Adam! I am a huge fan of your work.

Ron White

For the price of the iPhone and lenses I could buy a camera kit, phone and have change. However I get where you're coming from as lugging a DSLR (slr) is an arse ache.

Kilian Schoenenberger

Wow! I wish you all the luck there is! Keep up the good work 🙂 Kilian

Martin Lewis

Hope all goes well for future, only issue with phone and in your pocket is dust or scratches on lens. Great for out and about when not got your Dslr D850

Also i have lightroom CC but using the mobile ver on ipad, i can’t find any options for gradient tool?

Johan Exploration & Photography

I will keep you in my prayers, just stay positive.

nigel west
I know what you are going through, 7 years ago i suffered an acute angle closure glaucoma attack, in the space of 2 days I went from perfect vision to sitting in the hospital while they battled to save my vision, one botched operation later I have very limited vision in one eye and pretty good vision in the other, but some of the doctors seem to delight in telling me it's only a matter of time :- ( unfortunately i also suffer from raging Tinnitus, so as you can imagine I have some wonderful nightmares where i am totally… Read more »

Thanks for this video. I got some of those lens as a gift and didn't pay much attention to them. Time for a closer look. Also at Lightroom mobile. All the best. Cheers.


Hi Adam, sorry to hear of your diagnosis and wish you well. I have been hooked to your videos for some time now and sorry to hear your news. I live way up north and have been trying to find a bluebell field for some time. I know this is near Roseberry Topping but how do you find this location and parking etc. I am travelling down south this weekend and would love to visit it. Warm regards, THU.

Andy Pierce

As you get older you start to realise very few people are trouble free, it must be difficult news to take but here's hoping you have decades of good sight left and that medical advances can help. On using phones as cameras, I don't think they'll ever replace a proper camera.


Really enjoyed ur video mate, are there also versions for Samsung and other phones too?

Photography Enthusiast

One more payed video about useless shit. Thumbs down.


So sorry man to hear about your condition and hope that a cure is found soon. Just don't loose hope and try to adapt to whatever life throws at you. I have experienced first hand loved ones who have lost sight. Although admittedly not an easy experience, there is a lot that can still be done if (God forbid) the worst comes to the worst.

Donnie Darko

Living in the present is the hardest thing in life to do. We all regret the past and worry about the future; living in the now is the difficult part.

Villiam Hansen

Too much talk and boring music. Had to stop after 2 minutes. I saw photography in the title, but the joke was on me. Click bait and unfollowed.


Hello...i am very sorry to hear of your condition...I dont know you but I do care about you and everyone when it comes to medical problems...I know how you feel...it's always nagging at the back of you conscience that this happened to you...everyone thinks things wont happen to them...but they do. You have a nice setup there, and enjoy everyday like there is no tomorrow...

Thomas Pinches

The small white flowers are called Stitchwort (Greater Stitchwort). They're everywhere at this time of year in Devon. Good luck with the eyes mate — even in worst case scenario your life will change but you adapt and find new things to give you pleasure.

Simply Human

Sorry about your eye condition. I suggest you watch Dr Michael Greger videos on health and diet. He will recommend you stop eating meat, dairy, and eggs and instead eat non processed food, fresh plant-based food and lots of flax seeds. Doing this will stop progression of macular degeneration. There are other channels that will provide additional info.