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if you send interlaced at TX , you have only progressive at RX !

Jonathan Farber

Interesting will investigate. thank you! secondly... are you filming these vlogs in RAW on the C200?


Wow, the quality of your image is fantastic. Great info. Thanks

Andre Brown Jr.

I like to watch your videos just to be in awe at the image from your camera, its so clean and pretty, jeez

Nick Thomas

I use the IDX CW-1 for my wireless solution, more expensive than the one you've got there but there's a better range and less latency. This seems like a great option for a back up unit though, may get one.

Matthew Tyndall

What’s the latency looks like, can you show an example of moving the camera in a tripod.

Samantha A.

I thought you said in an earlier video (Hidden features of the C200) that the C200 had wireless transmission of whatever the camera was capturing built internally to the camera. What's the benefit of getting a transmitter? Just so that you can watch on whatever monitor (instead of just an iPad/iphone)?

Lucky Never

your footage looks so sharp and bright that hurts my eyes lol.
i am using Sony A7III I wonder if I can grade like this

Chris Francia

How does this compare to Nyruis Pro and do you have a power solution for the RX that doesnt involve plugging into a wall?

Kevin Feusier

So many of these topics I thought I could cover with videos as a full time corporate DP but you've knocked it out of the park already. Thank you for all the great info and I love that someone else loves the C200 as much as me.

Perspective Caribbean

Hi, do you think this would work for sending the output of a camera to a switcher for live streaming ?
Love your Channel

Mitch McClure

Great video! Thanks so much. I’m looking for an inexpensive solution for a director’s monitor exactly like you described. Do you have any thoughts on being able to use multiples of these to stream all onto one monitor so I can simultaneously monitor an A cam and B cam, etc...? Or would I need to use multiple monitors with this product?

Peter Sagnia

Hi Crimson...One year later, do you still recommend this wireless product? I'm looking for one...thinking about the hollyland mars 300 but that's like $500.

Hi, I found your video and explanation very nice and useful! I'm intrigued to buying this device for my 3x GH5 cameras, I will be filming my kitchen recipes. Can you please tell me if I will need to power the Transmitter/sender? I saw that it does has 5v but is it a must for such very close range? (3.5 meter tops) I would like to get my HDMI cables out of the way 🙂...btw my cameras all powered by AC adapters, one is on the ceiling and one mounted on wall and third one is roaming the kitchen. I… Read more »
henry m

Can this be connected to intensity shuttle or any other video capture card? Or is it hdcp protected? Thanks

Joseph Terranova

Looks like a great solution! How would you go about powering both the dongle and receiver without needing power from an outlet?

Sammamish Q

hey engine, need some advice. I want to send hdmi from my camera... ultimately live to the internet. for filming bands. im hoping to send this direct to a pc input channel and cast that. any ideas of limitations of this device for 1080p 29.97fps or 720p 60fps


Question, its like 5 different versions that the link on amazon u post have, do you have the one thats 188? Or the more expensive


It doesn't look like these have internal power. How do you externally power them when out in the field? Or are you chained to AC? Thanks.

Julian Lægaard

Hi Crimson
I need a little help on your intro... 10 sec in this video you have an openning scene. where the vocal sample from? the deep vocal choir part?

Arithma Fajar Trilaksono

I'm watching this in 360p but it feels like 1080p! Your video quality is top notch!

Tom Niemiec

I'm currently on the market for something similar. What made you pick it up over the Nyrius Aries ?


im trying something ambitious ... im looking to get a gopro 7 to broadcast wireless hdmi to use on a selfie stick for fb live. to be used with a wedding band singer to walk around amongst the audience . can you recommend a product ? thank you

Ярослав Ченских

Hello! Thank's for advise! I'm going to shoot a short movie in nature and need some additional information. Is this thing transmit signal if I shoot in 4k? I mean, transmitter will be pluged in operator's monitor (lilliput 4k) and receiver to director's monitor (also lilliput 4k)
Sorry for poor English, i'm from Russia.

Tristan Devlin

So you can record 4K but the transmitted signal is 1080? Is that correct?

Cyrus Hostetler

What lens are you using in your videos? And what’s the distance you are to the lens and from you to the back wall? I love the bokeh you get.