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Meena Kanwar Ranawat

I brought 3 month ago but suddenly is stopped.

Antonio APC79

Can this instead of being used a cellular use Bluetooth for internet?


Why some preinstalled watch screens doesn't work? Like, no arrows, that show time. Or no numbers, just overlay?

young king

100$ and you can play games wtf... And apple watch for1400 $ can't haha

Akash Basotra

Can it connect with phones and get the notifications of our mobile phone...??! Or is it necessary to insert sim card?

xristos panteras

i think about this one and the zeblaze thor 4 pro, but i saw on zeblaze that it delay 3-4 sec to show you the time when you put your arm up... hou about kingwear kw88?

DragonSlayer (Mobile Legends)

Can it survived when its rain or when we washed hand?

Jalaj Mathur

How i can attend call or make call via bluetooth without SIM inserted in watch

DragonSlayer (Mobile Legends)

what if it gets wet like when you use it when its raining? will it broke ?

Tech Brothers

🔥 Buy KingWear KW88 Pro: https://goo.gl/d8rEG2 (PRICE: $99.99 — 41% OFF)

Raksham Chawla

Should i buy zeblaze thor pro or kingwear kw88


Whats the differnce between normal one and pro besides the outside and is there a difference on the insides like colours if you buy it in a other coller cause black is a scratchmagnet and does the battery last good like how long


Anyone know if it's possible to turn off the startup sound? I have the watch muted but every time I shut it off or start it it makes a loud startup sound, which is kinda annoying because I sometimes run out of battery on it in public and it's kinda embarassing

I couldn't think of a name

Does it need its own sim card or can it just connect to your phone


Is it waterproof... Plzz upload a video of waterproof test of this watch bro

ıllıllı HΞУ, M Ξ M Ξ S! ıllıllı

You wrote KW888 in the thumbnail instead of KW88 😂

Robert Ryan

How long does battery last?
Good video. 👍🏻

Rio Tayamin

I'm looking for a smartwatch with music. How to use the music app? Does it have an earphone? So I can use it while running and playing music?

Mario Reyes

Does this watch support Bluetooth calling?


Forget these models. The battery is terrible. Runs slow and very cheap look and feel


What is price in Draz.pk ...who buy this watch kw88 pro ...home delivery ryper...what plzz and me


Wonder if Kingroot works on this thing.