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$450????????? I was expecting well over a thousand for how magnificent this thing is. I’m absolutely selling my Sony 90mm and getting this wow.

Mak Siu Lung

I just got my copy of this lens few days ago , and i love it ,
excellent build quality , smooth turning focus ring , good macro performance of cause , also a good portrait photo lens too ,
i use it with my fuji xh1 (which via fringer ef-fx pro ) , no problem at all
i also got a tripod collar and a lens bag by pre-ordered the lens
by the time i wonder you may interest in this lens , and you already got it !
i hope you enjoy it !

Federico Learco

I pre-ordered it with Sony e-mount.
Best macro lens on the market with the lowest price. No sense, they should price it at least 2x times more

Fu Chen

This lens looks like a dream. So sharp, great color, great background blur, great bokeh balls, no fringing, metal design, reasonably priced. I so want one.


The only thing that I see as a huge drawback on the lens, is the extremely short focus throw. Otherwise it would be pretty good for my work :/
My Nikon 60mm f2.8D has the same problem with extremely short focus throw, but I can autofocus that on my D810, so that isn't too big of a deal. Shame though, since this lens does look like an awesome performer.

Paul Wolff

2:00 — Is that plush “baby on board” toy for an expected Frost child?

Kiran Holt

Can we discuss the Sony e mount with 13 aperture blades vs the canon with exif data? What’s better? What should I get for my a7iii?

George Stancl

Hi Chris, i remember You reviewing Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8... Now adapter MC-11 got special update to improve its performance on sony mirrorless... do you still have an access to that lens? It would be amazing to see how it performs on 42mpix mirrorless body... Could you re-visit that lens please?

Sound Machine

So is the Sigma MC-11 used only for the IBIS in the Sony or do you need it to also control the aperture?

I'm from Argentina, and boy... I did not see 7:14 coming. I 100% don't mean to start a political argument or anything like that (I completely understand that, having won a war, the UK's claim on the islands is perfectly legitimate). It's just that, having grown up here, I'm used to hearing the opposite claims. Political statements; public places, schools, hospitals, whole counties named after the islands; you know the drill. It's interesting seeing the subject approached from the other side.I love your videos 🙂 I check them out as soon as I see a new one is up! And… Read more »
Peepers 47

Love your reviews! Sony has taken a favored spot in this review.

No macro test shots with a Canon 6D, when you have a canon mount lens, was a disappointment. Sony may well take the crown from Canon but not yet. Don’t forget us your Canon shooters and loyal fans.

Jon Raimbach

Hi Christopher, i give your reviews credence . i have been considering a Sony a6000 as my FZ7 broke . however choosing a lens as a novice could take forever. and not sure if this camera is the best choice could you give me some pointers, also views on 2nd hand IE camera jungle. many thanks in advance Jon

Viktor Kotschy

Hi Christopher, I really hoped that you make this lens review and you did it! Thank you very much it way very useful!

Ville Mononen

It seems Laowa is starting to become a great lens manufacturer, similarly how Sigma stepped up. Except Laowa lenses (to me) are far more interesting as options, and they optimize their lens sizes (Laowa 7.5mm f2.0 on m4/3 for example). Great lens by the look of it!

Viktor Bognár

Hey! Would you choose sigma 10-20 f3.5 or tokina 11-20 2.8 for video work? I watched all the reviews, still not sure abouth the right answer 🙁

Fred Jorge

Chris, Another great review. I have notifications on for your channel and watch all your reviews. I have always wondered where you got your test chart? Thanks.