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Mike Taylor

The idea that a person who owns this camera would be importing images into a stupid phone for editing just blows my mind. There's seriously something wrong with your thinking here. At $28000 for the body ONLY, this is built for a very niche market. Not me.


Checking on Amazon and Adorama, no one has reviewed this camera. The price is likely the issue. Fuji has this covered.

Денис Перепелкин

My impression is, the reviewer was looking after his hat was in picture all the video long. Thanks.

Vincen Cohan

The most important part of a camera is the auto focus... fast and sharp... $24.000 rip off

fangxu sun

Digital is digital, nothing gives you the film look besides film. No matter how good the sensor is, don't say "it is so good that it almost gives you the film look". Anyone who has shot film before knows that isn't true.


The more I see about digital cameras the more I love film

Light And Shadow

This camera is made of metal rather than plastic, the fact it feels it is not as well made as other Leica such as the Leica M or T is become it is made of thinner pieces of cast aluminium rather than the denser brass or aluminium body that are milled from a single block, however it does save weight and make it more practical :). the rubber does peel off easier due to the eco glue Leica uses, it is indeed a common problem

Charles Dey

Totally agree with you on the color science!!

Sovereign Media

NICE... if only one could afford such a camera lol cant believe its so old already!