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Mian Muhammad Asim Sohaib

Good Job Done Sir...
But Its Far Far Away As I Belongs To Low Class.
Kindly Make Reviews Also In Budget Gadets So We Can Afford.

The Chillmaster

Woah. They have discounted google play gift cards!?

Alexandre Moraes

amazing congrulatios Andrew Brazilians follow u

Ancients Nox

I understand it's one of a kind of a product but seriously, a 1TB 5400RPM spinning hard drive at this time and age? What are we barbarians? This trend needs to stop!
Great review tho as always 👌

High End Cheap Tech

Nice review! Slick product! Liked and shared.


So it's a Surface Studio, but its black and has more ports and has a better pen and in general better


For me the design is a deal breaker. It is too bulky, at least as seen on the video. Prefer the Surface Studio.

Chandrakant Patel

awesome... but camera isnt that gud

surface studio is the best...

Carmen Nooner

Not a content creator, nor an artist. I am only interested in media consumption, particularly with that large screen size. Much cheaper for someone like me to pick up a simple flat screen TV, throw a Chromecast on it, and pair it to my Bluetooth headphones! These things always look like a fun toy to have around though, if I had the money to waste on it! Super nice review, though. But I have come to expect nothing less out of you! 🙂

Jay Troche

Thanks for the review, it looks so good I think it would be my next computer 💚

Tra Nguyen

Is this a new model? Why are they still using Radeon 560X? Are they trying to look like Apple iMAC? With a 4k screen and windows, I think there are better GPU option


Hope you get a chance to do the X1 Yoga 4th gen soon! Been waiting for reviews on that! lol. This was a really good review! Shame about the 5400 RPM HDD and the air gap, though! Boo!

Floyd Bezos

6:36 it's almost 2020 ... n that looking like 2008 lol

Manny Carrillo

The dim display turned me away, I guess I'll be saving still for the Surface.

The Wiedźmin

It has potential but they've missed the small details that matter!
We all can hate Microsoft and Apple all we want but most of the times they are not this bad when it comes to details!

Tyrone Cummins

Thanks for Lenovo for making this best all in on PC I'm going to buy it soon

Reggie Thomas

Lenovo S940, is the laptop top part is vulnerable for scratches?


I thought it had a wireless qi charger on the right side 😑

Jorge Mongiovi

Great review! And a great product! Have some extra details very well thought.

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Riza Rachman

I thought you will actually give us demo about drawing ...

dengholm dengholmia

Is the fan loud? Work a lot in after effects and would be pissed if the fan is loud while working so close to the screen.


Be careful if buying the Lenovo Yoga A940 in the UK — the technical specification available in the U.K. is significantly lower than the A940 on this video. When I queried it with Lenovo they responded that the enhanced memory and other features are not available on the UK version