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Eli Lozano

The game sucks let’s just accept it at this point


We need a new LGR let's play with the Sims after the new magic pack comes out. I know Clint is over the Sims 4 but it would be hilarious and glorious for us fans.

Vanessa Trotter

I mean if you really want it. Wait about 4-5 months. It'll go on sale about 40% off. Buy it then

superkawaiiz !!

Bwhaha i love how you explain everything🤣🤣

Artsy Draws

EA:makes game 60$
Also EA: makes 20-40$ expansion packs
Also also EA : says it's a real life simulation even tho pets are in real life

Patricia M

Thank you for always giving us an honest review.


nah that ugly ass blue toxic monster ain't no design trend

Sashamarie Casanova

Honestly, the photography additions should've been in the Get To Work pack. I literally bought it for that career at the time🤬

Taru Kiuru

Once again you have realed ne back to your content by these amazing sims videos 😂😍

Adrian Alvarez

This the pack is the closest i will ever get to owning moschino😂but im not buying this pack


Did anyone ever reconised that the packs costs 10 $ and 10 €, but this is not the same worth...😅🤔

Dan S
I once ended up getting into a bit of a "hissy fit" with some snob in the sims forums just because I didn't understand why anyone would spend hundreds of pounds on an article of clothing. She ends up going on about how she had always supported Moschino (indirectly, obviously) when he first started his fashion line and how her son owns 2 jackets from Moschino. And that she knows it's expensive, but she wouldn't treat her baby any less. Ha, fuck off. We all know this pack is shit, any sane person wouldn't spend this amount of money in… Read more »
Samuel Measa

This make me want to break out an older PC and install Sims or Sims 2 again.
Currently I'm between PC's while saving for my next gaming desktop.
Oh yeah, Also your Duke character makes me want to create Gordon Freeman in Sims.


my favorite part is that they chose some of the worst moschino clothes to put in the game when there are plenty of actually nice looking moschino clothes. also the lack of fashion is really funny to me and i just dont get it lmao

ImKyleeXX on Twitch

What a waste. Hopefully this means they're spending more time on making the sims 5 with sims 3 game play and improved graphics. then we can all move on and pretend the sims 4 never existed

Joshay Boyd

It seem like every time he makes a video he is always bashing something new about the sims4. Everyone needs to remember their only humans they can’t satisfy everyone’s needs

Thalia Leon

"Mosquito stuff or whatever" lmfaaoooooo fucking perfect.

Boujee Simmer

“let’s talk about the Sims 4 mosquito stuff or whatever”

Yayoi Vixen

Sims 4 mosquito stuff sounds more appropriate indeed.


Hey Clint, just saw you credited on the latest AVGN episode, very cool to see some of my favorite creators collaborating.


I’m just surprised it’s $10 while TS3 stuff packs are still 20.


...standing frames? Wow, and in a FREE PATCH? Keep your fugly clothing, I'll take the frames.

Mysterious Minii

why couldn't they pick a brand like Gucci or MK LMAoo 1300 for A BAGG???? from a brand that no ones heard oF?!!

teh_supar_hackr 0010101

What's with branded stuff packs, and them always being lack luster?

Rah Mel

Oh Jeez, What’s Next Sims 5: Gucci Stuff in the Future.

Tina Patterson
I'd like to take this moment to thank you for your ongoing reviews of Sims games. As we seem to have similar tastes and expectations, you have literally saved me a small fortune through the years by letting me know about the product before I buy it. I am a bigger fan of Sims 3 and actually resisted buying the Sims 4, getting it only when they offered it for free back in May... because free is always a good price. In fact, not only do I watch your reviews as they come out (which is why it took me… Read more »
Rah Mel


Rah Mel

R.I.P Ralph. He had 1 year and ½ year break.

Crystal Hendrix

Like that weird ass Katy Perry shit, this high end clothing makes no sense for the average Sim player (or average person). Where's the Target stuff pack? Who's buying $250 rubber necklaces and playing the Sims?

Jamie L

haha the first part about rebranding and packaging was really interesting- even more than the latter part

kentucky fried vodka
tell you what sims community, lots of you criticise EA and yeah it's for the good reasons however they have to make money out of something, they have not released a stuff pack in over a year and they had to release one this year, if they didn't then you lot would be complaining your asses out dry, esp since you guys think criticism = toxicity = toddlers with the fussy trait. I didn't buy the stuff pack since I don't want to, neither are you and you don't have to buy the stuff pack or any other packs without… Read more »


I was considering this pack because of the photography career, but the lack of good content for anything else is not enough for me to bother.

Dulce De Leche

CANT. WAIT. For some life simulation game that directly competes with The Sims. That’ll give us more options and keep EA in line.


Out of all the Fashion companies, they went with the most tacky & tasteless one. Moschino did a collab collection with H&M not too far ago so maybe this is a follow up. I'd love the camera stuff but I don't want 90% of these ugly outfits littering my game.


10$ to be advertised to, or you can get thousands of very high quality cc items for free.

Lisa Lang

EA:Hi I like money 🤑
Interviewer: EA why did you make another stuff pack? 🤔
EA:MONEY!!!! 🤑

I did this Because EA reminds me of Mr Krabs 😊


Why doesnt he get a free copy from EA? Ea should give this man some credit on the sims reviews...


The only good thing to come out of sims 4...
These reviews.

Depression Of My Cat

I'm never looking forward to these boring stuff packs but I'm always like: "Oh yeah, that mean a new Sims 4 LGR video!" lol Thank you for your hard work as always!

Rank 1 Hag

Maybe that's why they decided to release The Realm of Magic gamepack so soon!

Scarlet Skies

This channel has saved me so much time and money I'm so greatful 💖


I'm quite happy with the build items from the pack. Was hoping for more basics from the sim clothing, but the brand collabs Sims does is usually super obvious 😑

E. R.

Hi LGR, could you eventually review the medieval FPS game Witchhaven? I have te bigbox here but never had the time to play it, altough it looks fun. Should be your kind of game. 🙂

Jennifer Townsend

Thanks. Maybe I'll play Sims 4 again one day