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Carmeni Luciano

I set up my camera and it was working then I dropped it and now I get a message that says "camera not ready." I uninstalled it and re installed it and it still not working...😖I wonder if it broke or what?! Its brand new. Can someone help me please!

The Bird

This webcam is dope I was gonna get it but... ima broke boi


What happened to the motion detection software??

USA Chiropractic Neck & Back Pain Relief

what program did you record the video on

Lord Hacker

the best and cheapest webcam ever!!! i love logitech

Amo la Música

Hello, i'm sorry because i'm from spanish and i don't speak english very well, I have a problem with my new logitech c920.

I don't now how i need to rec de video. because i can rec with logitech capture aplication but this software make a logo of logitech in the image all the time and i can not erase this. Can you help me?? what software you use for to rec your videos with the c920??

regine montecarlo

sa lazada ba orginal po b webcam nila dun

ALi علي

Please help me How Win registration button

Carmen I Luciano's Extraordinary Life

I just set up my camera and it was working fine then I dropped it and now it's not working, I get a message saying camera not ready. What can I do?


Trying to invest in my first webcam. My youtube friend suggested this to me & hello, let's hope I can invest in this bad boy!

CrissaRain Cosplayer

hello. I will buy this Logitec HD Webcam for livestream. I wanna ask you about something. should I buy external mic? is this Webcam contain mic?
p.s: my internal mic and mic port are broken, I tried to fix it on service center, but they can;t.
thank you.

Charlie M.

you forgot to mention that you get a kickback if people buy the cam over your referral link 🙂