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ghazal aldakr

omg even in dark it wasn't bad !!! I can't trust anyone from now on 😅

The plebe potato French fries

Why not test the shark apex zero m it has better wheels and better suction


can it run off the usb for continuous power?

Prince Fadil

@justvlag can it be connected to an ios device?


Hi, is this camera is loop recording? Can we leave it recording at home while we are out? Thank you


Man-those shrubs and bushes look so pretty! Love the purple color! Why didn't you test the motion detection?

Christian Walker

Crap review description said motion detection and you didn't test it...

Ιωάννης Παπαγεωργίου

you didnt test the motion detection, also you didnt show on camera the led in it is visible or invisible

norm lor

I have this Bastard destroying my new car and I want to catch him or them at night, do I need several for 180 vision or will this do for me to record them and show police??

locomotion sixpack

no motion detection shown...I need to get my neighbor scratching my car...

No One

Apparently the motion detection on these units are poor ! So basically just a night cam with poor battery .
Can you plug these into a usb charger and run them of the mains ?

Alfred Rein

There is no motion detect on this camera.
Too cheap for this feature

puni sher

Is this can be connected to celphone tru wifi? It can be viewed inspite of im far from the camera?


I have this... it sucks. No motion detection. Will cut off after 45 mins of recording. Cant plug in and record. Good for a dash cam... that's about it. Can not use without sd card so dont even bother.

Bill Cowall

interesting note: the sq10 had no rainbow sticker and split apart when i tried to put the sd card in. so it serves a purpose


Thank you for your help and video how to use the camera. it helped me thanks

Edward South

Technology changes so fast that seeing the 2000/2003 info suggests you should probably update and/ or remove this video.

Abbie Bateman

my only question is can you see the IR lights at all in the dark?

Ben A1

Win Me, Vista........someone remind me what's the current win OS?

Md. Salek

your finger nails are disgusting........EWWWWW...