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Brett Repman

Great info as always! Thanks for putting this together

Optically Deluded

Hey Mark. Its come to my attention that the wall clock in the background isnt working. You should fix that mate 😀

Manoel Antunes Martins Neto

Hi there, do you have some tip to clean the Shimoda, after your review I got one, just regret to buy the another colour, But it's amazing bag... thanks for the tip to buy it.


Thanks for this video as always tons of informations. What strap do you use? Do you have some videos (maybe moore detailed lightroom turtorials) on that skillshare too?

Payon Rai

I want to learn how color grade the landscape photo in lightroom??


Nice video. I've watched many of your videos and always learn something. I enjoy your presentation style.

Mohammad Ali

Great video 👍👍👍 Mark. How do you carry tripod?

Frederic BONNEAU Photography

Appreciate your commentaries and photography! Q about the bag is it comfortable to wear? Does it have room for hiking gears? Does it come with a rain cover or you have to buy it separately? Do you carry the tripod on the side or on the back? Does it have room for a water bladder? How many liters is the larger size? And can it carry a larger prime lens like a 600mm. Please expend. Thank you.

Leon Toh

Great video as always, Mark. I purchased a Shimoda 30L after your last review. It's fantastic bag and carries my Nikon mirrorless and DJI Mavic air and MacBook Pro 13 with absolutely no issues. HOWEVER, this quickly becomes an issue when on air travel weight limitations. Would love to see your take on that. I struggle to meet the maximum weight restriction of 7kg ,luckily I travel with my wife 😄


Sorry Mark I couldn't watch your videos for the past few weeks. I don't know if you know about Jammu and Kashmir (Indian occupied Kashmir), we were under siege and the Indian government had snapped the Internet here and still it's not working but right now I am out of my country that's why I am able to watch your videos. Thank you the videos

Mike Smith

My camera bag has some cheaper stuff in it. It's all I can afford.

d warren

Hey Mark great video! I do however have a question gear related ...I am a canon camera only so far I have the rebel t5 and the 5d mark iii what are your thoughts on branching out to a different camera such as sony any input would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance and really enjoy watching your journey on here !

o s

Marc, just starting the video. I’m about looking for an additional bag for multiday hiking. Watching your videos, I got the impression you preferred the Atlas Packs to Shimoda as you made several videos about Atlas praising them to be better than Athlete. Or maybe I got it wrong...? I have been researching these 2 bags for the last week and, for my purpose, the Shimoda lacking the removable waistbelt and side pocket, is going to be the better choice due to its modularity than the Atlas.

Mr. Greg

Thanks, Mark. Gear vids are some of my favorites.

Ken Toney

I have 2 bags for filters, do I need professional help? 🙄

Goat Eye Photography

I'll probably get a LowePro ProTactic 450, but I have to check it out further in a camera store, but so far it seems to fulfill my needs quite well. And an extra thing I put every time in my camera bag: A bottle of water. Comes in quite handy not only if you are thirsty.

Moises Lopez Photography

The gel packets are great! I put them in almost every pocket in my bag haha. I prefer the rechargeable head torches but they dont last very long. I always carry two.

Dan Tsai

Aren't both the Atlas Athlete and the Shimoda 40L in size? I'm surprised they have such different purposes for you (everyday carry vs multi-day hikes).

Birgit Smetana

Interesting that you prefer the 2 sec timer to the remote release ... I got one from a photographer on a tour and never thought I‘ll use it ... but then I started using it EVERYWHERE ... my camera always beeps on the timer and that drives me nuts ... and also on Bulb-mode it‘s easy to release and lock for however long you want your exposure to be ... great video ... it‘s good to simplify gear 😎

Hey Mark, sorry, lots of questions and comments this week. I just recently bit the bullet and traded in all my Canon gear for, coincidentally, the 2 GM lenses you talk about in this video. I assume you had a 70-200 at some point—if so do you miss it at all with the 100-400 in your bag now, either the fixed minimum aperture or the size or anything else about a 70-200? I have both at the moment and wondering if I should be looking to ditch the 70-200 or keep them both for different situations. Any feedback from anyone… Read more »
Hey Mark, I know they’re pricey, but if you’re debating an iPad Pro, just do it! Even with an Intuos tablet next to my iMac, I’ve been completely ruined for it by the local editing experience on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. It’s unbelievable that I ever managed otherwise. The newer (2018) iPad Pro runs Lightroom sigNIFicantly faster than my 27” iMac and at this point there are only a handful of features missing from the iOS version. Can’t wait to see what the iOS Photoshop looks like later this year. I don’t normally suggest that anyone spend… Read more »
Clive Ellis

if that is a rather small amount of gear then what would be a large amount of gear?


This is a great video. I have recently gotten into photography & I am a super amateur, but I’m slowly building a gear set & getting comfortable with my camera. I’m actually traveling to Ireland next month, so a video on travel gear is perfect. After this I think there are a few things I need to add to my pack before I go. Do you have a certain store or site that you order most of your gear from, or do you use Amazon or something like that?

John Krill

I can't stop laughing. That first bag that is just for short day trips is a monster. And that second bag B&H could put their entire used camera department inside that super monster. Can't wait for the rest of the video. So lets restart the show and watch to the end. And no laughing.

Michael Finelli

For your atlas pack do you take the aluminum frame out? Funny I use the atlas as my bigger bag for longer trips and around town my peak design 30L or 5L. Just curious if you ever take the frame out if that makes it more around town friendly.

Stephen Spader

Love your videos. I’m always learning something new.

Jason Novak

Hi Mark! Another great video. Was wondering if you’ve heard of the Mindshift Elite 45 bag? It looks like the perfect all around camera travel bag. Would love to see you do a review of it. Also, could you please do a video about your process for downloading and storing files once you’re back home? I’m always looking for ways to improve this aspect of my photography.

Hugh Wolfe

Lots of good insightful information Mark, thank you for all the links. I’ve been considering an additional camera, perhaps a D850 or a Z series, so I may need to upgrade the camera bag at some point.

Carl Reid

Thanks for sharing Mark some good ideas in this video cheers! I'll check out your gear description for my next online shopping trip 😉

Robert Nelson

The hybrid shooter YouTuber has some very good videos on the DGI pocket very thoroughly done

Anand .Sie

Hey mark, I also have the atlas bag. WHen I use the load tensioners to tighen the bag. It slips for like a 0,5 cm. Do you experience the same? Or do you pull it tight and it sits?

Richard Zelinka
Thanks for the video. The question I always have when I watch one of these "what's in my travel bag" videos is how you deal with the airline rules that restrict the total weight of all carry-on luggage and bags to a measly 8, 10 or 12 kg, depending on the airline. I assume you bring that rather large backpack on the plane with you as you would never check it, and that it exceeds these limits. My carry-on backpack and camera bag are both quite small, but they have been weighed by several European airlines at check-in and I… Read more »

The thing I don't understand is that why are you using a soft pouch for filters and a hard case pouch for memory cards ? 🤔

Erick Lindberg

Informative video Mark. I am leaving tomorrow morning for Florida for a few days of R&R. Wish I seen this video sooner for some ideas of what to buy to help keep organized! Taking a backpack and that's it, so I need to get creative with how I pack. See you next week my friend!

travis branum

I've used my 12.9 iPad Pro for a while now and love it. Even though I bought a 27 iMac I still use my iPad to edit a lot. I like doing my edits when I travel at the end of each day and not wait till I'm home to do them but that's me. I know the LRcc version doesn't do everything but it does the things I need for the most part.

Erika Velázquez

Hi Mark,
What tripod do you bring on your travels?
I have two bags for traveling (Athlete AtlasPacks for my Canon & Everyday Peak Design 20L for my Olympus). For work and street: 10L Peak Design Sling-Canon and a little 9”w x 7” h x 5” d leather messenger bag for my Olympus to bring to my work (residential construction). I don’t want to damage the big lenses with all the dust produced on the job site.
It sounds too many bags, but I use all of them.