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Sam Kennedy

I think the choice is clear. Samsung. Pixel is a bitch!

Jorge Chavez

Let's talk about the Harry Potter wand to get the developers' attention to feature it in one of their games. 🤺

Me Xavier

No one should buy the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL

FARADIS Production

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WiRo Studio — ABBA Studio


Very poor comparison, you don't need to compare these two phones its really not fair, wait for Pixel 4!

Tom Wilson

Waiting till next year for hopes of 90hz on the note 11.
Keepin note 8 for now

Note book

Hard to beat a secure and reliable OS? What do you mean?
Samsung's knox is known to be of the most secure mobile security systems; built from the hardware level up to application level. Don't forget secure folder with all data encryption.
Samsung Galaxy devices are among the top in security.

4Horsemen of The Apocalypse

Good review, you big dummy

Leonardo J

why is everyone reviewing the + model. I just want to see the regular 10.

Kevin Pianoman Pleasants,

Only another Note (previous version) should be compared to a Note.

Armando Pérez

The Pixel 3XL is not $600 where I live (US Currently going for $799), early comparisons put the Note 10+ ahead of the Pixel in low photography. The hardware differences are abysmal, day and night, from the outside and inside (no cooling on the Pixel and mostly dirt cheap components, check disassembly videos). Pure Android is extremely overrated and lacking in features that even chinese OEMs are including (basic customization features baked in etc).


What a stupid comparison. How obvious who the winner would be.

Tony Dinh

Pixil is no match for the Samung Notes, dont make melaugh, Pixil is still crap compared to Samsungs. Pixil is still ugly as shit!


"verge of obsolescence"... what a stupid thing to say


Honestly, what was the point of this video?
Are you going to compare Samsung Galaxy S2 to the iPhone Xs?

Luis Sanchez

Samsung really dropped the ball they had a opportunity to reward LOYAL Note people with a special 10 year anniversary model but instead we lose the headphone jack lower resolution screen on the Plus vs the Note 9 and get some real gimmicks added to the S pen thanks Samsung appreciate it

Tamim Abulhassan

Digital trends is bias towards Apple and their reviews are trash

Sam Caldwell
As a pixel user having a bloatfree device is so much nicer in my books. I guess this comes down to how plugged in to the Google SKYNET you want to be. Most everyone I know Apple, Samsung, etc users almost always uses sometype of Google produced product. I am not knocking Samsung by any means, but for me it was a no brainier. A Google backed phone to support all the Google products I use. For me not having phone manufacturer apps that take up my memory is a plus. Even though pixel is not the sexiest phone as… Read more »

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