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Abhijeet Kaulavkar

when sony is say medium format quality ...its absolutely true ...its not over hyped ...i seen many photos of sony a7r4 from many users & i find this is a killer camera for all other camera brands. althose its 135 format but sensor done gr8 job by pushing its limits. & every1 knows 135 format is faster versatile & easy to handle for any situation so i congrats sony for making gr8 cameras


Where is the A7s iii? Sony A7s ii was released in 9/2015, 3 years 11 months ago, every other mirrorless has been updated to a 3rd version, now the Sony a7R IV. Is it discontinued?

Unny lal

My family. World no 1.😍😍💐💐🙏🙏🙏🙏


So in regards to a sports action camera and video camera. Which is better a7r4 or a9?

Anirban Datta

Sony should complete the a7 mark3 line up (a7s iii) before launching a7r iv

Giti Thadani
Amazing piece of engineering & as a visual composer working both with still & moving images this is a camera I have been waiting for. I started from the R to the R2 but did not upgrade because I was waiting for a new sensor & more of a paradigm shift. Further also have the a6500 which now becomes redundant with the R4. It gives me better video possibilities & the possibility of having one camera which can give me different focal properties of the same lens shot on different sensor sizes. I use a lot of manual lenses so… Read more »
Tech Savvy

what about dust protection against sensor?

Jay Are

Flash back of how apple was! Will history repeat itself?

Mango Steel

You’re telling me that I don’t have to give up a kidney & bone marrow to buy this camera! I’m in!!!!! Great price! Canon answer will cost at least $6000!


This is a great camera at a reasonable price in my opinion. It's nice to see you continuing to push innovation, BUT please offer a touch menu system! It makes using cameras and navigating menus so much easier and more intuitive!

Robert Elkins

I'm confused... didnt the a7riii do 10fps? how is this an upgrade in that regard?