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Ian Schwartz

Love the videos you've been doing so far on the Sonys, how do they compare to the Bose QC30s in terms of noise cancelling? It seems like a good comparison because before these, the Bose were the go to in terms of noise cancelling earbuds (even though not truly wireless)

J Bil

For me comfort is the most important. After watching this video I don't know which is more comfortable to wear for 1-2 hours continuously. Even if it's only the reviewer's comfort level it would be more informative

Mohammad Harris Gailani

Do I still allowed to post angry comments?

InquirerofTruth 1

Why wouldn’t you talk about call quality, comfort (especially for those who might want to use the Sony’s with their ANC feature for long flights), etc or address the notorious battery drain issue on the Sennheisers?

Anthony Carter

And yet you still refuse to address latency.

nazir thaha

I really love Sony audio system not only this even Xperia phone head phone such a quality

Kevin L.

Another very vague, on the surface review. Nothing technical noted about the sound performance.

Jacob Charters

Sennheisers are by far the best sounding true wireless buds wish i can get ahold of them without spending 300 bucks!

Justin Josef Lumibao

Compare Hifiman TWS 600 to Sennheiser True wireless vs Sonys New TWS

Don Solo

In my opinion, the Sony earbuds should be viewed as miniature WH-1000XM3s, the differences being the earbuds are smaller and less comfortable (for being earbuds) and the earbuds are substantially more affordable

Michael Saia

The or battery on the Sennheiser is the deal breaker for me. No point having amazing sound if you have to charge them every few hours. That's just anoying.

Since the Klipsch support the aptx hd codec and the Sony don't do the Klipsch actually Sound better?

Benjamin Bidlack

Awesome, Parker, as always. Excellent detail and very engaging. Just what I was hoping for in comparing these three top in-ear headphones. Thanks very much for posting.

Harry Johnson

All these Truely Wireless Earphones don’t have noise cancelling, can we see them compared to the Bose QC30s?
They’re the only wireless earphones that have noise cancelling.


No wireless earphone looks even nearly as bad as AirPods dripping out of your ears and down your lobes. The Sonys look amazing by comparison IMO.


I would lose these in about three minutes. I think neckband earphones are a safer bet.


Please compare / talk about mic quality. you are missing one of the core functionality that people would buy any of these for

Sumit Nag

Spent on the WF-1000XM3. Disappointed. Other than the quality of sound when you're listening to music, everything else is a let down. Bluetooth connection instability, lack of being able to connect more than one device at one go, NO VOLUME CONTROL ON THE BUDS, ANC is mediocre at best. Need I go on? There had better be a firmware fix coming soon otherwise this will have been the most massive waste of money I've made in 2019.

Paul Trotter

Is the Sony capable of switching between devices with ease or do you still have to take a hundred steps to go from say your ipad to your iphone.