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Better take a DICK PIC with my NICK CLICK.


Boy, that box takes me back to when I saw the Nick Click on store shelves and to my vague memories of Nickelodeon right when SpongeBob was in its early run and those featured shows were still airing.

Barely Awake

Gonna buy a nick click just to take a dick pic


we're gonna take a picture when you hear this cue


Lieutenant BaconWaffles

"Late 90s retail sarcophagus" lol

Lieutenant BaconWaffles

I'd love a showcase of vintage paint/photo/clipart/web design software.

ThumbsUp ForAll

The nick click will be the last sound you will hear cause your deaf


If you're getting unwanted video recommendations after this video, I apologize but I have no control over that 😒
YOU do though. Mouseover any unwanted video in the sidebar, click the three vertical dots to the right of it, click "not interested."


0:34 Did I JUST see a RATING on a Camera?? It is not a video game... ESRB idiots!

Магомед Хачанов

Well, technically there IS a supermassive black hole in the center of each spiral galaxy.

GrievousDu38 🇫🇷 🇬🇧

This is the camera used to take UFO pictures


"SlamCam, JamCam..."

That made me laugh. I love those names.

Bent Sound

Had a JamCam ver.1 every so often it would create an odd pattern instead of a picture and I would make sweet backgrounds in photoshop with it, which I posted on my Friendster page!
Still have them deep in an old hard-drive somewhere.


Sheesh what a terrible digital camera. I feel bad for those poor kids who got this.


160×120 is still more than the Game Boy Camera's 128×112, AND it's in colour!

Kelly Nauert

I had one of these. It was very disappointing even as a kid.