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Steven Forman

Excellent. Thanks heaps for sharing. 🙂


Whet bullshit my eyes can zoom atleast better

Saiful Islam

p900 is f*** camera only 16 megapixel
In market 24 megapixel available
there is only jpeg, no raw format
 This lens camera was required to have megapixel 42.
I bought a small 8x zoom camera megapixel 14,
but this is the 83 x zoom lens camera only 16 megapixel f****

Nagendaranmathan Nagendaaranmathan

Super super good welcome to tamilnadu


Do you need to buy a lens or is this how the camera comes from the box?

Jkou Files

are the freeze frame intentional or a hiccup in the camera

Arun Sharma

bro I already bought Canon DSLR 1300d so will u suggest me to sell that and buy this p900 I liked the zoom