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Carl Larsen

Thumbs up for a great video. I had no idea you could thrash that hard on these things...


Is it HK?
Google Maps says that is HK Sha Tin Rural Committee Road. Isn't it?

Adeeb Md

well my sense broke off from the body from my knee

Denilson Bessie

I dare you to do the same things with your 1ds...


I been using the D90 for 9 year with no issues...great body.

Nihal kp

🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 , you are eating and your pocket is getting filled just because of cameras , respect your tools , mentality to destroy is nor good , why you couldn't gift those camera to some poor beginners ? ...

Jack Wong

btw, dont treat your equipment like u treat your nose!

Jack Wong

if one doesn't care about his or her photographic equipment, he or she can't be called a photographer!

Meow Meow

Just give me those dslr if you would just do it like that😴😭

Azz Azz

People grind and save for these devices and all he can do is disrespect

Sling Shot

People don't get camera and you are destroying them you should be ashamed. This is how Rich Brats do their Timepass

Akshat Tiwari

abe chutiye kon chutiya rahega jo pero me dslr pehnega

Samar's Gadgets World

Ahh I still remember this Channel
I suppose to watch this 5 years ago
Love you digital rev

Technical FAB

Can you send me a camera please 😫🙏🙏💓 I don't have money 🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳 to buy please 😫🙏🙏💓

Kevin Acla

planning to buy one, and i watched this. AHAHAHA


Bias against the Canon is comperable to "let's do the Samsung galaxy vs iPhone test" by apple fanboys crew hehe

Tunisian Junior

Those are not my cameras but I pity it !

The Buyboy next door

my fvcking heart men!


No-one should be worried about the cameras, they should be worried about the elevator.

István Hajduk

Hogy szakadt volna bele az a húzott szemű fogyatékos retek fejed anyádnak a büdös japán picsájába. Más bazdmeg éveket gyűjt egy ilyen gépre te meg rászikszalagozod a cipődre meg megolvasztod....... Büdös köcsög.

Jenna can snap

As a photographer this video hurts my soul.

Dany Cruz

dude, you need a spiritual psychiatric help seriously . wtf

Melbourne Meliodas

If those camera's weee old, I would forgive, but if these camera's were brand spanking new, Now that's just too much.

GAMING Time !! world of games

iam dyng bec...

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Anthony Mcdonald

My 1st DSLR was a 350d. It survived several seasons of ocean rock fishing, and rock climbing in all sorts of weather. It never let me down and I still have it somewhere.