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Simple Matt

Jared: blows fearsomely on lends calling it a 'wind tunnel test' (12:32)

Me: "I think ill crawl back into my shell."


all this time and still dont know what mygearvault is for


I saw the dust. And it cannot be unseen. But it can be cleaned...


I hate these new lenses, all that gimmicky shite just adds up to an unnecessary price. It looks cheap and tacky.
Sigma all the way. Elegant minimalist design and ultra sharp optics all for a competitive price.

Michael Wu

Overall, it is expensive and others could no tell.

Lucas Hu

I just got this lens, is it made by plastic??? the building quality is not as good as F mount 2.8.

Matthew Wilkins

Remember kids if its not a F2.8 its garbage. — Jarred

Bruce Searl

So I'm guessing that that wind tunnel test was so good because Nikon has spent so much development time refining the len's aerodynamic shape. Do you think this will be a noticeable advantage for sports shooters, particularly those shooting sky diving, mountain climbing and wind mills?

Kyle M

And Olympus has a blue ring 🙂 #M43troll

In all seriousness you were really whiney in this video lol...

Tom van den Heuvel

That info display with the millimetres makes me wonder if they will bring out a APS-C Z-mount ? So the display shows the crop mm.


I dont own a Nikon but I enjoy all of your videos

Patrick Moss

Hey Jared, I would like to see a sharpness at depth of field comparison and a bokeh comparison of the two S line lenses please. Show me a comparison that would make me want to upgrade please. Thanks for doing these videos!! @jaredpolin

Janke Jönsson

Oh my god!!! The PE-N15 (penis) grip. 😂😂😂


Hi Jared,
Well I'd like to see a test comparison on a brick wall for the whole 3 and comparison of image edge to edge.
Until now nobody has done it neither for sony dslr vs sony ML. So the edge to edge sharpness of ML vs dslr has never been really demonstrated yet. Will you bd that guy that will show us the improvement and how it measures...?

Jonathan Logan

From a consumer advertising perspective, losing the gold ring does seem odd. As a professional lens, I love stealth black.

Paul M Dillon

When are you announcing the winners to the megafro giveaway!?




Christ you are a complete dickhead. How did I stumble on to this video? You know nothing about gear or photography.

eJacob Cornelius

Props to Nikon for the best wind tunnel test ever.


I got the chance to use the Nikon 58mm f/0.95 Noct ‘Ultimate’ Lens at the NAB 2019 while I was waiting for filmmaker photographer Chris Hershman to make his speach & say hi and all. Awesome piece of glass to use with the Z6.