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Please post some landscape photography stuff with z6+ 24-70 2.8

Sergio Pappalardo

So, the title is about the gear, but you do not mention it at all in the while video. I expected to hear something about this new 24-70 2.8 S.

Shutter Gurus

"Thank you for reminding me why I don't shoot kids" lol

Angel J Perez

"Format the card and leave" 🤣. Great video! I really like the change of pace. God bless your family. How about a Father and son photoshoot for a suggestion? Keep doing your thing much respect.

Chevy Turk

Great memories made. That Nikon is legit but I love my Sony too much still

artemis fowl

this is the kind of fuckin content i signed up for, beautiful family man

Jan Harrå

Right person but wrong brand on the cam... hmmm feels strange haha

Tony Yeung

"Thanks for reminding me not shooting kids... and wedding..." I am dead. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Burak K

Hey Manny. Nice shooting. I'd love to see a maternity shoot wit the A7 III. Thanks for your work and dedication. 🙂

Awaz Anjing

Oh.brother.. Really i like your little princess... She's awesome naughty... May Triune god bless you and your family...

T Davidson

Wife always win Manny, If the shirt is wrinkled then the shirt is wrinkled.!

Jonathan Toraldo

Cute lil fam you have there! Nice shots there, Manny! Props to your 2 gorgeous models 😀

Dariusz Czepiel

Manny, what backpack are you currently using? Is that still the peakdesign one?

Rich Ackerbauer

Awesome Manny! Great Family and your a Great Dad! Do yourself a favor and get at least one printed. Having a 27 year old daughter I can tell you...you will thank yourself in 10 years 🙂

Loowie P

Loving the change in scenery. Maybe some automotive photography next? Classic muscle car?

Marvin S.

Oh Shoot! Love the video man, I think a lot of us are happily surprised to see that you also screenshot poses too! You're a real one Manny!!

Eva PM

Children are such a challenge! She is a cutie patootie tho, how can one be upset with her? Lol

Matt Cebulak

Nice to see Oak Park in action. If you ever come back to Oak Park to shoot you should check out the area by the Carleton Hotel. Very good spot for photography.

David Willoughby

😂welcome to my world mate. Family portraits the photos never reflect the chaos that went on before hand 😂

Tina Strickland

I just gained a new found respect for you Sir. You weren't afraid to show us that you find poses on the web to help you out a little. Thanks for making and keeping it real Manny.


Getting your kids is SO hard, with my youngest I pretty much have to use shutter mode on at least 250th or higher to get any good ones of him.

Gino Davis

Had been watching your videos for awhile. You are doing great, would be better if you could display exifs while the sample images are shown. Still learning 👍


Great shoot! This is what a real shoot with kids is like. They keep you going and really test your patience...Good job😁


If you're watching this, dont try to do fashion shoots with kids. Try and make your composition light and fun. Use lighter colors and use elements that reflect their age. Still enjoyed watching Mannys interaction with his wife tho.

jama ahmed

Great photography beautiful people God bless you

K. Borz

Manny, shoot next beautiful young models in swimsuits 😉


Great shots and a lovely family you have mate.


@Manny your daughter is the cutest ever. Precious. But, yeah, I can relate to shooting kids...lol


And so what??? A FF was really necessary for such a shoot? Please...

Manny Ortiz

I hope you appreciated the change of pace here. Model shoots are still coming but what else would you like to see and I’ll start booking those shoots for the near future!!!

Miguel Smart

Very nice photo shoot gave the idea to shot my daughter and wife

Daud Santosa

What about small group of best friends around (4-6) people.

Damon Kay

manny can you post a video comparing shots from a7riii z6 and eosr please!! i want to see which one i truly prefer side by side with no bias


Annnnnddd that's why I shoot burst with my kids lol.

Devin Ingram

These are absolutely adorable ☺️ love seeing you and your family having an experience with your craft!

Ricky Thao

Dude u weren't kidding about not wanting to work with kids lol...


Oh manny you think taking pictures of your daughter is hard? try taking pictures of my autistic son who couldn’t stay still to save his life lol I take them and I get really good shots but it takes all day and my hand stay on the shutter and than ICE CREAM. Lol 😂

A photographer 🤘🏿🧩📸