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Wrestling Vj

I don't know why ur videos always look fake...may be it has something to do with aspect ratio...😶

Fernando Velásquez

You should have waited one day more cause the phone got a important update addressing many issues.

mohit reen

You've always impressed me with your reviews . great work

Rameez Raja

RAW capture is my baby. and I love this phone so much using since 15 days and loving it
and rightfully said Sandeep bro if anyone is you people out there know how to process RAW images only then you should buy this phone
and also remember the RAW photos captured by this phone are I million times better than RAW photos from Samsung Huawei or pixel 3xl phones and I'm not talking about jpgs which are still best captured by these three phones

Abhishek Giri

I feel that most people aren't j into editing after taking photos. Most just want a grt photo after pressing the shutter so for them its not a good buy. Its a camera phone for professionals

Cypher NX

Wow, what a great review! Seems like I found one of the best tech tuber! Good luck. You'll get 100k+ subscribers this year.


annoying all these tikee masala accents

Cash Money

Bruh really missing your channel's comparison vids, these other Indian wannabes are just uploading unboxing vids 🤦🏻‍♂️ and are super slow, don't know when they'll upload a legit camera comparison with other phones with Realme 3 pro


Pata na kab ayega ye?intezarkar kar kar k thq gaya

The Planet of exploring

Hii, bro I'm a big fan of you, please bring a camera comparison between the Realme 3 pro vs Redmi note 7 pro as soon as possible nd also please make a travelogue short flim with realme 3 pro camera thank you.🙂


I am going to buy the Sony Rx 100 M3 now and by the time it becomes obsolete, I am sure Nokia and this technology will make high end point and shoots irrelevant, making me buy one then. (Assuming the Camera Industry continues to develops at the phase it is now)

Tarun Shukla

This is the first time that I have been on your channel and dude you do it way better than many YouTubers...
Cheers up, you have my sub...

Deepak Bhat

its very sad ,u r very underrated youtuber

Brooks .Anderson

Very helpful review! I planned to upgrade from my 808 Pureview to the Nokia 9, but I think I'll wait to see if Nokia addresses some of the issues that you've mentioned through updates. No sd card slot! What were they thinking?