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paulus doni

Do u think this phone is good for professional photographer? Cz the Nokia 808 is very good on professional photographer hands.

John Doe

I am still finding two cameras on the back of a phone a bit odd. My Xperia X has ONE 23 MP camera on the back and I have no complaints about the quality of the photos it takes. Then on the front there is a 13 MP camera for selfies.

Tanmoy Dixit

Fantastic video... Really enjoyed it... 👍👍👍

James Mack

Your knowledge of geography of London is atrocious (e.g. the Shard isn’t in the Docklands).

Tony B

Does the software take the image information from the 5 cameras to produce one image? (same question for Galaxy S10+)

Thomas Atkinson
Why do u need that many cameras to detect depth? One device next to the camera on the back can be used to detect depth. I don't think this amount of multiple cameras is really necessary with today's technology available. We have lasers and algorithms to detect and integrate depth into photos these days as well as to take 3D images of your surroundings.The future is not gonna be crazy amounts of multiple cameras like this. It's gonna be a phone that you can take a 360 degree snapshot of your entire surroundings to capture an entire scene including depth… Read more »
Paul Nedoiu

Im not impressed. Also lg makes phones which shoots in raw from 2016. This phone add nothing new.


Good but you're making a video , so, what about video? Fotos anyone can take! Has it a good stabilizer for video? Has it 4k?


Underwhelming if it needs that much editing to look decent.

Nikolas Spiridakis

you should compare it with another phone's photos

Lame Commenterino

What do you call the security outside of a Samsung Store?
Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thomas Müthing

Initial reviews of the p VW are HORRIBLE as far as the camera, and especially the camera software, are concerned. It's slow, it's not stable, and the results fall far short of what you can achieve on an S10, Mate/P 20 Pro. What's the point of 5 cameras if the processor cannot handle the software? e.g. https://www.androidauthority.com/nokia-9-pureview-review-962171/

Jacques Vermeulen

This is what I want. Yes, the S10 is a fantastic phone, and yes the Mate 20 Pro is just bloody gorgeous. But this is what I want, Nokia improving the quality of the images you take. This is all a phone user really wants these days, immaculate images, almost comparable to SLR. THIS is a step in the right direction. Well bloody done Nokia. Can't wait to upgrade from my 7 Plus to this. Limited run on the manufacturing though, so might never see one. Sigh.

Ulrich J

video editing skills are top, photo editing skills are flop

Gen Audreyh Gerones

These cameras cured my trypophobia!

Adrian Dobiecki

Who care about photos. Video is more important

fleming star
I decided to give your reviews another thought and again you didn’t let me down. I’m glad that I ignore your videos as they are so twisted. What you portrayed as an amazing phone and camera is terrible at both. Outdated specs and the camera is so sluggish crashing every so often and takes forever to process be ready to wait 15-20 seconds after taking a picture. And yes you can’t actually take a picture during that period as it will not save it. More it lacks wide angle and telephoto. Not to mention it performs badly in low light… Read more »

Can't say what was more impressive, Arun's Video quality or those photos.


MKBHD: 4K video ✓


depth of field effect still can not process your hair corectly — therefore there are gonna be artifacts in difficult scenes — not useable. Otherwise photos look great, but it still can not replace even low end dslr camera in no time close. :/

Ahmad Iftikhar

Hye, my budget is 387 USD (39,990pkr), I need a phone with the best camera I can get and good battery, I'm ok with 4/64 GB RAM/ROM (just want to play PUBG in medium settings 60fps) hope you contact...

Lars Piirainen

Lots of comments of a lot of things.
What’s wrong is the title. Should have been something like “What you can achieve with RAW files and Lightroom”

brian beck
As always a very good video referencing the actual characteristics and capacities of the device rather than serving is a propaganda machine for the manufacturer like it seems that some tech reviewers do. In this case because you were specifically discussing the camera I have to say that I would love to see Lightroom loaded onto the device itself but I would understand why it might be difficult to do on any smartphone given the resource-intensive nature of such an editing program. Nonetheless I like several features of the S10 line's cameras but this Penta lens setup just simply offers… Read more »

To clarify, when you've set it up, every time you snap a photo with this phone, you'll get TWO photos — one JPEG image that's been pre-adjusted by the phone, and one completely untouched RAW photo for you to edit freely

Vini SThrill

Wanted to get this but it creeps me the fuck out with all those eyes 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

Þrìñçé ĢüÞtå

You got some good editing skills

Rushabh Soni

I can do it even with my ONEPLUS 3 LOL.
5 camera shit just for hdr and raw images??


Technical : those lenses still has no room to expand due to Android limitations and Snapdragon limitations like gpu and cpu, if only they had Google software here ...then forget it ... No phone can come close 2 years ...
Nokia pureview is not a kid in smartphone photography


Got to give Nokia the credit here: Apple can't even make the cameras flush for so many generations but Nokia is able to squeeze so many into the phone and all are flush.

Parmdeep Jagdev

Nokia could be on to a winner here...