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Oh, god I hate it every time he brings up Assassins Creed Unity

Android Jacket

Why do i have a feeling that next gen graphics isn't going improve much unlike the jump ps2 to ps3 era even the ps4 jump was not that much.

Yuh J

So question: Is it a serious upgrade on my 1070ti?


Last gen, it was said the 1070 was recommended for 1440p & 1080 for 4k. Now here we are years later, and the new, even MORE EXPENSIVE cards come with the same recommendations. RTX 2070 for 1440p, and RTX 2080 & 2080ti for 4k...

And I'm expected to pay hundreds of dollars more for these cards that don't guarantee 4k @ 60 fps across the board? Fuck that.


It's really disappointing that you celebrate the "performance gains" of DLSS without actually taking the time to investigate the technology.

There's nothing particularly new about achieving playable framerates by lowering the render resolution and adding a blur filter.


Thats weird a 2070 is priced the same as a used 1080ti which is around $600

JamRock Bless

Oye...isn't running games in dlss you running it at a LOWER resolution then upscaling? I'm not sure running a game at 4k with the 1080, then running another game at 1440p with the 1080ti makes any sense to then say 'WHEN YOU RUN THE GAME AT A LOWER RESOLUTON, THE 1080TI IS 80% FASTER THAN RUNNING THE GAME AT A HIGHER RESOLUTION WITH THE 1080! SUCH VALUE!'
That seems like bullshit marketing.


They should have made the 2070 the same power as the 2080+ but without the Ray Tracing hardware


I have this card, its performance has been great, except for black ops (game bugs). Your review taught me a lot about it, and helped me realize it is better than I believe. My views were twisted by black ops performance. Hopefully more games take advantage

Robert Stan

I like how you guys tested the Founder's Edition (pre-overclocked, 100$ more), yet made zero mentions of it, as if this is somehow the base model,cause that's how you treated it like.


I can't help myself but to think this video was paid by Nvidia. I don't know anyone around me that has upgraded to rtx series. I think they don't sell as well as GTX 10 series did. Not counting the miners.

Mike Clarke

That many different engines and variables that benchmarking is becoming a useless reference.

Christos Karsanidis
I wonder why Devs still use dx11. I wonder why we are two months in without any RTX games. I wonder why an avg. gamer needs more than a 200 buck CPU. I wonder about many things. I think no one can argue about the great performance RTX is offering. Do we need it now? Can we put it to use? No unless you have, a) money to literally throw away, b) are obsessed with the illusion of "bragging rights". That being said, i am not saying these should not exist because we can't use them now (or for the… Read more »
Having skipped the 10 series and recently buying a 1440p 144hz monitor really made me want to upgrade from my old 970. I ended up scooping up an MSI RTX 2070 gaming z and I honestly think the 2070 is not a bad buy at all compared to the 2080 or the 2080 Ti. Most people make this RTX series of GPU look really bad and yes I agree the 2080/2080 Ti are overly priced. The 2070 on the other hand seems to be a pretty good buy. I ended up getting the 2070 gaming z for under $600 so… Read more »
Phong Vũ Media

Nice vid, thank you for plenty of helpful info. By the way, may i ask how did you make the FPS chart in the top right corner? It's remarkable!


So I am using GTX 970. I just bought a 4K Monitor and I want to upgrade my GPU. Everyone says that RTX 2070 doesn’t worth it. What do you suggest?

Peter Tremblay

NGREEDIA the way it was meant to be paid!

Ceylon Blue

Well I upgraded from a EVGA GTX 970 SSC since I got an Rift. Long as I’m set for cyberpunk I’m happy.

Watch or Not

60-90 days of many buy used 1080/ti recommendations... when everyone has the same idea it loses its value proposition rather quickly...maybe if you hunt day and night you might get lucky but most 1080s used asking higher than new 2070 even @ 100$ cdn less I’d happily pay $100 for 3 year warranty thanks


i got the Zotac RTX2070 8G AMP in replacement for my old and still good gtx 970. im happy with the 2070

Ben Wa Balls

Do not buy any RTX card, they are all failing!!! Google that schmidt

Wu Li

The information age is so last century, but video gamers are still used to being charged by the frame-per-second, and their video games having all the AI of a turnup. Upscaling is the future, but it requires higher bandwidth capacities, and until AMD comes on the market with their take on the subject we have nothing to compare Nvidia with. Except, of course, their own lack of video games that use their technology.

mahesh wijesooriya

happy with 970 thank you no real difference for the grand price we going to pay


can you guys still do 1080p to 4k benchmark videos? really miss that.


Horrific assault on the GPU resources coughCRYSIScough, got to be the slogan for the AnvilNext game engine, brilliant.

Kai You

This card is absolutely incredible. Granted, i'm upgrading from a 1060, but the difference is night and day


Wanna see AMD come out with some badass video cards this year


I'd sell a car that can drive on the roads we have, not on the theoretical roads that might be built.

Pursue with Marissa

I see a lot of people saying don't upgrade to the 2070, but what if this is my first build, and the 1080ti is far more expensive than the 2070.


How do you think DLSS will look compared to a custom res of around 1800p? Cause it looks like it would perform about the same...


Why do these little pieces of plastic and solder metal cost 600 bucks?


Gtx 1080 is about 600 € in Germany . The rtx2070 starts at 530€ ... sooo its a no brainer

alex ford

is the Vega64 worth getting over the RTX 2070, build a pc on PCSpecialist, they dont have 1080 or 1080ti so ive pretty much got the rtx cards or amd