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yashvanthan ragavan

I think OnePlus lied about liquid cooling system


Stickers on top of the screws to prevent tampering. Shame on you OnePlus.

Da Ryll

That is some hairy hands for the lady talking 😂

arun mozhi varman m

Can you do a tear down on the new MacBook Pro keyboard and what has changed from the 3rd generation keyboard.

Max T

Honestly Jerry rig everything does this faster and better

Leonaяdo DiCapяio

Waiting for a 2019 MacBook Pro teardown

Jordy Angkawidjaja

Jerryrigeverything wants to know your location

Karan Chakma

Show the battery isn't 4000 mah? Am I missing something here?

Lizard King

You lying hounds you promised me 4000mah I'm going to burn the whoel thing down now. Just kidding I saw your correction I really want to get into mine to fix the paste that was a stupidly large amount and I bet it'll run better without half a tube splattered all over its brainchip :V

AHMED Production

Why did you spoiled it,jerry rig should have done this first

Kanishk Bhatnagar

Put a stupid pop up camera but removes the 3.5mm jack...😑

yashvanthan ragavan

What about the liquid cooling system


I am yet to see a teardown showing the alleged 10 layer liquid cooling system, but thanks for the video 🙂

Irwan Syah

What if they make oneplus 7X with same specs (no notch and 90hz screen) but with flat screen and "just" 6inch screen? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


What do you think of the unofficial water resistance? Was there enough glue everywhere?


3880mah... i thought it was advertized with 4000mah?

Anthony Rodriguez

If you legit came here to fix your less than 3 week phone then I worry about you

Bart Q

Why does the battery say 'Pb' did no one notice? I saw it at Jerryrigeverything his video too. It isn't common to have lead in a lithium ion battery imo?

Red in the Shed

...unsnap like a little Lego... Oh wait wrong channel.


We want to see 2019 MacBooks Pro teardown to see The „new” fixed keyboard


Neat & clean video of course better than Jerry rig!


They could have tossed a headphone jack in dat. I do give them props for making most of their parts modular. 🏹


the battery is not red. guess who is not mad but disappointed

Chaitra Goswami

What's wrong with your voice Jerry?
Oh Wait! Wrong channel.

Tom Chan

The Audio techica ATH-M50X is in the red and gold edition which I personally own as well!

Nazif Morshed

The lack of the word 'legos' made me dislike the video...

iFixit Video

We totally misspoke @2:06 ! Typical Capacity is 4000mAh, and Rated Capacity is 3880mAh!


Too bad this phone costs so much! I would buy it asap if costed a couple hundred less!


The front facing camera is easier to replace. Jerryrigeverything easily did it.

SIlverセリーヌ別 Fist

Isn't the battery supposed to be 4000mAh ??
Why it is listed 3880 mAh ?

Alfred Cab

Zack is the first to teardown the oneplus 7 pro😝

Arivarasan Irulappan

You should have shown us the 10 layer liquid cooling pipe... Not only thermal paste

Crystal Coconut

Will everyone think Apple will bring ProMotion 120Hz OLED Super Retina to next iPhone like many High end Monitors on PC ?