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Hugh Sweeney

Michael, this is insanely good content. You're vid on the EosR was like a bible to me and now you're practically selling this camera to me!

Bill Bynum

You lost me at 2 hour video. Wow. I guess if I owned it maybe it would be good but I don't so... Not for me... was just curious about the camera


Michael I have the same shirt LOL I am a 2 pocket guy hehe


Looking forward to a shoot out video against this model.
Also what are your thoughts on Panny starting out with native F4 lenses and build quality vs those within their alliance?

Tara Tanaka

On my S1R when I put it in HIgh Speed Video I can't adjust, or even see, the ISO, and although I can adjust the exposure compensation before I start recording, I can't adjust it during recording. Are you seeing these same behaviors on the S1? Thanks!

tony saunders

thanks michael very informative.
it is certainly a beast of a camera.
i've had mine around 2 weeks now and more or less sorted the features.
and still picked some good tips from your video.
the menu system is very good. having the sub menus really helps.
look forward to your full tutorials.

TVBeats The Nightmare King

How do u turn off silent mode

Andson Loi

47:45 Even the continuous AF is off, half pressing shutter button or tapping a target on the screen will enforce AF.

Barry Street

Very good Panasonic, you are now in a good position in the market place.

Jean Joseph

How do you auto save mode? When the camera shuts off when not using it

David Patheyjohns

They should have a customer af mode where you can design your own stencil outline. Put in no cropping at 60fps at 4k and do a master body made from light weight injected plastic high strength and free firmware and the others will be quaking in their boots. A floppy screen just to rub insult for self mode.

Blakeann Cook
Excellent tutorial! Incredible amount of info. Thanks much. I have one question which you may not be able to answer. I just purchased the camera and am using Zeiss Milvus lenses with an all manual adapter. When I turn on the camera it asked what focal length, etc., so it recognizes that I am using a manual lens. However, I am unable to remove the AF area display lines (box) no matter what I do. My guess is, when defaulted to manual focus, these lines remain. I am sure this issue may be address in a firmware update, but it… Read more »

have you run into this problem i've been having when stopping a recording, it gets stuck writing to the card? i can't find anything about this

Jared Clark

Thank you so much for posting this video! Super helpful!


Amazing work for many users. You could go on and on. It tells also something about what Panasonic invested in knowledge to give it to customers in version 1.0.

Gene Trent

Excellent. I just purchased the S1 and this was a good introduction. Love the camera already and it’ll get better as I learn the camera better.

Eldar Hamitov

What minute do you cover manual focus please? It would really help to break down the video into a description by minutes what section of manual you are focusing on. Anyways, thanks for creating this video — really great!

Tristan Willis

What flash mount is compatible with the S1r?

Bob Hanuman

I heard that pressing the iso button with move iso up or down. Is that true.

Tara Tanaka

Excellent tutorial — thanks very much! Have you heard anything about CF cards being usable in this camera? I thought I heard someone mention that they would be available in the future, but I can't find any info on it.

David Patheyjohns

I wonder if this camera will work with crane 3?