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Great video! One note though...
I think you underestimate cell phones these days. The photos I've seen people get with the P20 Pro are outstanding. 6 seconds of long exposure handheld is no joke 🙂

Dodomadafaker Tos

what about Panasonic Lumix FZ2000? which one bettter ?


Really nice videos and stills.  You have a good eye for capturing the energy of street scenes.  I was surprised how well the night stills came out!


Next on my list. Best in its class for sure...

Buzz Meade

One of the better reviewers i've watched on youtube. Keep up the good work.

Samjai Sam
Why has no one pointed out how difficult this camera is to use? I live in Hong Kong and just bought one (TZ220 but literally same, perhaps just Asian version). The first thing that struck me was the manual. It came with a simple one (so you think it should be intuitive like an iPad), but trust me, as soon as you start setting it up you will need to download the Full Manual because there are just pages of functions shown in abbreviated letters and there's no way to know what they do without the Full Manual. I think… Read more »
B 2

YouTube hands LOL...the bounce elbows...oldie but good for a laugh.

Michel Leist

where can we get this nice orange camera strap? 🙂

Walking Man Video

Great review. I own the previous model, TZ-110 and really enjoy using it. The quality is perfect for a travel camera.


Excelent... you focus on the important aspects of this camera not talking so long. Moreover you take different kind of pictures and show them. Congratulations

Bene C
Thanks for such a great report on this camera I am still tossing up shat to go for as after my stroke I am a lot weaker on one side and finding it hard o use my Olympus OMD 5 MK II so I am hunting for something I can replace it with within reasonable price limited been looking at the TZ110 , TZ220, LX10 and the LX100 boy oh boy oh through the Canon g7x MK II as well. What do you think also what is that red strap you have the camera attached to looks perfect as will… Read more »
I enjoyed your video but am puzzled and poor at maths ...OK I have a TZ10 and a TZ 30 which produces great shots .The zoom on the TZ 30 is 20x optical and that is a very old model ... The night shots here are good but can honestly say the TZ30 beats the rest which was not impressive nor as good and at the price Question .I loathe touch screen they get messy plus my finger tips are skin n grafted so not good ...for such ...Can it be turned off and controlled manually ? Also the battery… Read more »
Jeff Lai

Hello good info however i do have one good question. At the end of 360mm is it possible to shoot portrait with blur background as in half body ?

Cheng Dong

Why is nobody mentioning the dust problem with these lumixes

G Graham

Have you done a video on the 4K post focus picture stacking?

Nicholas Stobart

I have been searching for a new camera and was really hesitating to make the splurge to get this one. Your review not only confirmed my positive thoughts but really allayed my negative concerns, especially with regard to low light shots. The SNAP approach you present is absolutely brilliant and has helped me select this camera over the Canon Powershot G7 Mark II. Brilliant review, thanks!

Joe Framo

Hello from Atlanta Georgia I subscribed to your channel I think you're awesome a lot of your competitors they're all so good but I find you to be intriguing I guess it's your stage presence that makes you unique have a great day and thank you for sharing this wonderful camera

Gordon Young
Just returned from a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and bought this as a back up to my Canon 5D mk iv, I thought I would leave it on Auto, but for some reason it set the ISO at its highest rating of 12,500. The results are completely unusable the noise is ridiculously bad, strange thing was this was in good and poor light but it sett the shutter sped also 1/2000 sec and 1/3000 sec, so there was no need for such high ISO settings. Im only just back and now going to take the camera out for a… Read more »