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Daddy Tech

its seems better then the G7 with the exception that it doesn't have interchangeable lens. sad😰

Matt Syljuberget

How’s the Autofocus noise on it in post prediction? Is it super silent like the Sony Rx100m5? Or is it loud like the Canon g7x??

Bassem B.

How is the low light performance? How fast is the autofocus? Can I tap to refocus while shooting video? I am considering this camera for my all-purpose, instead of splurging on the Canon G7 X Mk 2 or the Sony RX100 Mk 5. Thank you


Hello. I have 2 questions.
1) If I dont need the "selfie view" is it worth the 100eur difference from TZ80?
2) Is there a newest model after TZ90?

Thank you


I'd buy it but I'm not sure I like lacia lenses. One thing else: It is important to say how big the sensor is.


I go to Chaparral park to take photos with my sony!

Gordon Dean

Interesting review but the lens company is pronounced Leye-Ka not Lay-see-a.

Ben Woolliss

ive just got this but how do you get ro zoom x30 my zoom i can zoom to say 150m thays it

Carolyn Bross

How do you set a custom white balance? It is greyed out.

Kevin Breeze

Thanks for watching! What's your favorite feature of this camera?

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1,000 Subscriber without videos !!!!

Panasonic tz90 or Canon sx740?

Deepak KM

how is it in comparison with the g7x mark ii ?? Considering lumix is cheaper and has evf, 4k etc. , which canon does not...You suggestion would be very helpful.

Jack Wick

can i record in 2k7 with this camera? 4k seems too lagging in my computer and does it have auto focus? Thanks man, great video.


Great information,how's the picture and video quality in low light or dark settings???

Xavier Smith

Are you the Burger King foot lettuce guy?

Danny Hauger

I want to give you a huge shout out and that you did a wonderful job showing off the features without giving us a long conversation first and you got right into what is best and what is most important so thank you so much


as soon as I hear a computer voice...I'm out. You go to the trouble of making the video, narrate it yourself