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B&H Photo Video

Will you use the new Profoto A1X for studio work or on the go?


Making such a big deal about compatible with Sony... you mean like Godox and other companies did...years ago...?

Michael Jin

In the end, a speedlight is a speedlight and there's no magical way to cheat physics.

Pat Yeaman

Can the one I use on my Nikon be used on the Sony 6400??

John Lenin

You sell Newton camera brackets. Why don’t you use them?

Christian Swidén

An Air Remote he says and holds up a Connect instead 😂. The A1X does not come in a kit with a Air Remote but a Connect which has limited functionality unless you use the accompanying phone app that's currently only available on Apple devices.

John Koster

Cripes that lighting looks terrible! Don't mean to troll, but good god her skin looks sallow.