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Mr. H

Collabing with the Avengers of the Supercar world......at the age of 24.


That senna is cool but the best use of mclaren MSO is the Black p1 on the back has the hand doing the middle finger when you put it in race mode it basically flips you off😂😂😂

Preston Bittick

Hey guys what do u think of the drifting Lamborghini in hyperdrive race on netflix, episode 2 2nd racer?


Most pointless thing ever

Lie Ben

I’m not a Roll Royce guy but that wide body Dawn at 11:21 make me wanna get one

Sly Fox

That’s about 100,000 of your subscribers right there

Lyzander C.

The fantastic four HAHAHAHHAA top fav car channel


Epic YouTube Group shot on 17 Mile Drive... !! Nothing like the sunsets there...!!!!


The belgian flag is not Red black and yellow but black yellow en red😂

sena sees

That Ford GT looks so sexy it have to be a car porn !!!!

pineapple the Dutch angel dragon

Dude I should have brought my Veneno out

Shaq M

Ahhh Lambo Reventon's rear brake light is out. Not cheap for new LED 1's

Cartersvn Official

how about some mountain bike vlogs!!!!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do1VLjNg6AE Buying million-dollar cars every year off a 2.1 million sub channel??? This is one of the best channels in the sector but please don't lead others to believe you are making millions a year by doing youtube which is what it seriously takes to own multiple BRAND NEW exotics year after year. IDC how many t-shirts are sold taxes write-offs you can swing news flash you aren't the only smart guy out there, not everyone drinks the glass of cool -aid. Your father is the reason for the SVJ order amongst many others to come. People with SVJs on… Read more »
January Morris

I want to see a collab amongst the YouTubers in this video about car discussions like top five best cars ever made, top five best drivers cars top five best looking cars etc etc. It also would be great to see more of that venom GT


7:03, it sounds a bit bad, I miss the old crackles and pops of the Lamborghini V10


New drinking game... take a shot every time Parker says "absolutely"!!!

Simon Verduyn

The belgian flag is black yellow and black🇧🇪

Ranjit Singh

Red doesn't make a ¾ million camera, I think the whole setup probably cost that much.

Reeder Williamson

lol the best part of this video by far is how far shmee is out of his element im dying

Polecat 123

It is hard to believe that Lamborghini was originally a tractor company