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Hadas Hamerovv

Collapse size is way less important than weight when traveling. Not even one word on that?

NoSense NoNonsense

Too heavy for its height.
Many annoying little quirks.
Overpriced — as it is a peak design product.
But hey... at least it fits nicely in the "less good" side pocket of the horribly designed pd backpack ;P

Dan Tong
From my point of view the positives generally outweigh the negatives, and for me the speed of setup is important when I'm quickly moving around, and or shooting an object from different heights.I especially appreciate:1 Quick locking mechanism2 Reverse Center Column feature for really close work3 Quick locking mechanism4 Smart Phone /tablet adapter The Portrait vs Landscape Head positioning (full range of motion issue is not a problem for me)I don't like:1 Need for Hex key — they should have designed a reasonably "full proof" storage somewhere on the tripod2 Price is too high even with promo pricingWish they would have… Read more »
Michael Yip

The neck of the ball head is too thin. 5 sections of this traveler tripod is not recommended!

Expensive + uses plastic clamps & parts prone to failure — check Tripod bubble level blocked when camera mounted — check Gimmicky features / branding for low budget vloggers, F'N Carbon / phone holder (?!) — check Have to raise center coloumn up in order to get level everytime you setup — check Included Quickrelease plate for head — requires HEX Tool for plate — check 5 leg sections — meaning less stability — their FAQ implies the max payload is inflated — check Going to be interesting to see how long these last before they start falling apart... Unfortunate to see a lot of Youtubers pushing these for… Read more »

gotta say i like the size and design of it... but innovation isn't really there lol,
the ballhead is a copy of both a gitzo and arca swiss, the legs from several chinese brands though i do love the overall design,

as for locks. twist locks are proven to be stronger since they put even pressure on the whole leg where the flip locks generally only apply pressure to two sides which over time create weakened legs (i'm saying this because i'm destroyed about 10 tripods in 13 years lol)

Nick Google

Some really nice ideas and design details, but too expensive IMO — also missing a mono-pod option!

EastVan Photography

The speed of setting up a tripod is a pointless feature, lol.

Gen X

I bought a mini tripod months ago made by Neweer (model T-210) which is exactly like that one — It's tiny — they do bigger version's too 🙂

Deepak Kumar

except for load bearing capacity detailed discussion you nailed most of things I wanted to know.

azizul zulzaha

after you remove that ball heal, can you put a fluid head on that shaft?

azizul zulzaha

i wish peak design would put a hot shoe mount on that phone holder...

Andre Taylor

can it support a camera with a battery grip?

John Smith

You are yappy fool, you obviously know nothing about camera stands. That open was bullshit, it does not open that easily, you never equaled the legs or snapped the levers. Your hyperbole is a joke, you will have a long career kissing ass and doing your bosses bidding.

Mr H

5 leg sections? Wont be as stable as a 4 section Gitzo 1545T + markins q3i-tr. Also. max height is a bit low. Its amazingly compact though. Would be interesting to see how well it handles vibration.


Ease of precise camera position adjustment is the most important feature of a tripod, imo. Not discussed here unfortunately.

io io

Suddenly this tripod/ballhead is being featured everywhere — clickbate.

Steve TQP
Very nicely done video "Intro" to the PD Tripod! As a landscape and product photographer obssessed with image detail and sharpness, I always use a good tripod, optimum exposure and post processing, to obtain the most highly detailed images possible with my current gear (the Fujifilm X-System). While I am a PD fan and have a few of their products, unless I can get this tripod to test, based solely on this video,it seems that its' main "claim to fame" is "Compactness" of design. For me, the main criterion of any tripod is STABILITY and RIGIDITY, rather than simply "compact"… Read more »
Jim Hawkins

Sorry but seeing too much promotion for this tripod.Alan wrench, looks spindly, not seeing anyone talk about stability except for adding weight on hook.Doesnt have me sold.I think it would be a shame for people to get caught up in gadgety convenience vs. performance and purchase this.innovative for storage, but that's about it.My two cents

Eric Mehlbrech

After watching other review videos... I have decided I won't wait until December for this expensive tripod. Specifically PM's review where the center piece kept lowering itself with weight added on or light bumps. Too flimsy to spend that kind of money on it.

Michael Parks

I've been using Bogen equipment for the past 15 years. While sturdy as you can get, I now want lighter weight, quicker set up, and convenience for taking the macro nature shots I like to take. I don't want to sacrifice on the sturdy either. What options are available?

Tony B

So not so innovative then apart from the leg shape lol.

قناة عصام كابلي لتصوير والرحلات
قناة عصام كابلي لتصوير والرحلات

very expensive, and nothing really special about it.

Ruggiero Manente

Any disclosures you would like to make?

Patrizio d'Alessandro

If you keep it on a shelf the design looks fantastic. Five section midlle finger diameter legs for 500 USD??? Sorry

io io

Suddenly this tripod/ballhead is being featured everywhere — clickbate.


What is your preferred locking mechanism for your tripod legs? Are you a cam-lock or twist lock person? Why?

Sam Tan

But at $600 dollars????? heheheh I am sticking with my trusted and faithful gitzo


Good review. Im a flip lock guy because twisting can become annoying over time, with the exception of the vanguard alta pro. Its only a ¼ turn. These new peak design legs look amazing compact and the future. for first gen i think they are on a good path. But the price is a bit absurd. And that ball head scares me. but definitely curious about this and optimistic for the future of tripods in general. because they need some help.

Simon Pole

It is not innovation, it is an interesting prototype, though, nor does it seem special, but a little quirky, it's only real trick seems to be compactness, one thing it certainly is, very expensive!
Twist and cam locks don't really matter to me, they are both sufficient.

Paul Marc

Game changer for us all, but expensive, $600 for carbon fiber really? Their is a locking key in the bag to keep it safe but better to have a d ring or slot for in the field what do you think. But still a game changer, glad we can swap ball heads as well so we can use our own. Overall 👍