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I'd like to know which camera is better in 2005 lol

Yudhanegara Njoman

Great comparison video! Subscribed! 😀

Dan The Man

Can you do a vlog on the comparison between Light room and Capture one, would be very interesting.😀✌🏼

Christo Petkov
@ Samuel L. Streetlife The two things that really put me off are : 1) I dont like what they've done with the menu on the GR iii at all ... The've taken what was the most logical / fastest / most intuitive menu on the market and changed it unnecessarily ... In my opinion the GR ii was much more intuitive and quicker to set up ... 2)Also in my personal opinion, the AF-speed doesnt seem all that improved, especially in low light (it was pretty much in daylight actually, but I'm biased and dont want it to be… Read more »
Joemar Ingente

nice comparison bro. is Gr 3 good for vlogging?

Paris Prasinos

Hi! Where can I get the hood for the x100F?

Alek Fernandez

This has been an favorite video from you so far! Keep it up 👌🏽👌🏽

Jonathan Marin

What are your Positive (GR film effect) setting adjustments? The default is 5 for all three. I am curious what you prefer.

Mario W.

super Beispiel-Bilder bei beiden Kameras! Echt top! Beides echt super Cams. Grüße aus Dresden.


What's the reason for using CaptureOne on the X100F and Lightroom on GRIII?

Mike Hydropneumatic

I like both the GR and X100 series (actualy own an X100 first generation) but to me it seems the viewfinder is the key feature for me.

The bottom line, they are both great cameras.

Aaron Groves

It's such a pleasure to watch something made with both passion and attention to detail. This video might be too good for YouTube. Bravo.

Barry James

I thought the griii had the edge on the dynamic range tbh.


For me the Fuji is much better. EVF and onboard built in flash. Jpegs much better.

Tony Murphy

Excellent comparison 👌and a new subscriber. Well done 👍

Bob Tornton

stop watching after you started your inner publicity for skillshare. So bad i really liked what you were doing. But this is too much.


New to this channel. It looks like you can’t recover shadows from GRiii RAW files? Other than that I just enjoyed your photos.

Nick Google

Wow, at 9:22 the Fuji shows really strange color artefacts. This was shot / processed with Noise Reduction in C1 / Lightroom, correct? When looking at the gray floor you see some kind of smeared RGB patter which I find quite disturbing. I have not noticed that with my X-T1 fortunally so far! I think I'll stay away from the X-Trans III sensor...

DP Jolly

This is such a good comparison video! Literally convinced me to get the Ricoh
Thank you!

frank artale

Now thats how you make a comparison video. Well done.
I have the Fuji XF10 and the focus does the in out thing as well. But for 400 u.s. i paid . Its a perfect contender against the gr3. I am super impressed with the ricoh though.

Justin Day

Wonderful video. I love your content. I have subscribed. Can't wait to see more of your work. I am an old GRii shooter but I am planning on upgrading to the GRiii by the end of the year. It was good to see a comparison, as the Fuji was one that I was considering. But I think in the end it will be the GRiii. Thanks for helping me make that decision. 🙂

Ekapol Chucherd

Great video!
But after update GRIII to 1.10 firmware, do you think a focus in dark is better than X100?

Terence Tay

Quite a lot of thoughtful shots. Delightful review. Enjoyed this thoroughly even though I have no intention of buying either camera. 😂

Péter Dégay

Jesus Christ, how inspiring "review"... Amazing images (I especially like the balett ones)

Dzevad Bajraktarevic

Samuel if you would to choose one and only one camera to have would it be fuji (awesome colors) or ricoh?

Simon DC

So if you are a good photographer and you have a camera you love and know well, you'll take stunning images. I just look at these vids to see you're photo's anyway!

Conor Jones

15:46 fav shot. Wow bro, I've not watched your videos for like a year and the standard is seriously impressive now! YOU SHOULD BE AT 100K SUBS EASY!! Keep it up my man.

corner bodega

Just ordered xt30, but both of these cameras are super. Great review !!!