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You did not answer the question from you title. Is the S or the SC a no brainer and if so, why? Yeah, some fancy functions, but only small lenses, some probs while running due to stronger motors in the S I didn't learned anything from this video. Regarding the title I do not expect comedy but a verdict. Which one of both is a no brainer and why, because I am happy that I do not have to regrett my 4 weeks old buy of the S because I am done with lame motors (always used Zhyun and though… Read more »
Cecile Kalayadjian

Hi , i'm maybe stupid but I know Ronin sc is made for mirroless, , but is there someone crazy enough who has tried a canon 5d mark iv with a 50 mm 1.4 lens canon on ? cause the weight should be ok for the Sc no? cheers


Yoyo Josh ✌🏻
Say, do you know if the focus wheel of the ronin sc works with the ronin s as well? Like u said: plug and play?

Max Bard

Hey does anyone here know if the Ronin-SC will work with a Sony A7Sii + Sony FE 24-70mm GM?

Jepta Visuals

I have a Panasonic GH5 + Sigma 18-35, and I want a Canon or Sigma 24-70. Do you recommend the Ronin-S or the Ronin-SC?

Nathan Chung

Does anyone know how this would do with a 70-200 2.8 s? On a Nikon z6?

TehauraiRoux #

love the style, don't change a thing. Much Love Brotha.

Munkh-Erdene G.

Love it! Can you please make a video about GoPro Fusion?

Just Doin' Life - Audio

Awesome review man... you had me cracking up! This will be my 1st gimbal (aside from the Osmo Pocket)


dude what is up with your color grading🤔still pretty nice content 😀


Can anybody tell me what this 50mm T1.2 Lens is and where I can buy it?

Sentoki Studios

you passed the BMPCC4k ? Is it flexible in every way , are you sure? even with the counterweight on your clamp?

Paweł Żukiewicz

Could you do comparison between Ronin SC and Zhiyun Crane Plus? They seem to be similar. I own Zhiyun and thinking about switching to Ronin (because of lock of axis and 360 roll function). I wonder also if Ronin SC could fit into backpack with camera attached — I can do it witch my Zhiyun with Sony a6000 and Lowepro Protactic 450 aw backpack — very handy while traveling. Thanks

Wesley Roach

Over the past few years, I've watched a ton of review videos on all sorts of camera gear. This has been my favorite. Thank you.


Dat FUN situation in the park with potato jet, so hilarious 😀 I subbed

Jimmy 3D LLC Element 3d Studios

mirrorless cameras only??? Or can you use either of these gimbals with older SLR cameras such as Canon EOS 6i? Thanks!

Celonzia Johnson

Will it be an update for the ronin s to do the follow focus with the app

Anthoni Grande

How you dealing with the back of the camera hitting the gimbal issue? Have seen many people complaining about that on their reviews already.

Chip Willis

Potato Jet Thumbnail = Urgent. lol. very fun and informative video. Of course I just got a Ronin s 2 months ago...

Gabriel Lozba

I don't see anywhere a wireless range test. If you are at a concert or a wedding in church and want a camera operated far away. Compare it to Movi or DJI Force Pro would be great.

Just Explore

The gimbal is so dope! Im sure going to buy one of these! Thanks for the video, mate! It helps a lot!

David López

Try making cinematic shots or something like that with the new sony rx100vii. It would be very interesting

David Nguyen

would the Ronin SC work with a 6D Mark II + EF 24-105 f/4 L IS USM? total payload is about 3.5 pounds. I'm scared it'll hit the back motor in flashlight mode.

Randy Scott Slavin

YOOOO can you get your BMPCC4k on there? No one else can... I have faith in YO

Hejaya Joseph

i am planning on buying this new gimbal. But which one should i buy, with or without the servo focus? The price between this two is not that much, but would it really be needed, the motor focus? i am using sony a7iii, with some basic sony lens. i am a beginner btw 😬


Didn't expect the pants falling off, but got my wish with you two collaborating. Owned Ronin S, so SC is not needed for me. However, I think it may be a smart move by the DJI since most of the cameras are getting lighter now a days.

Jonathan Boyd

this video was a kool 1 & a Kool Collaboration with Potato Jet well put together funny I think if I'd stick to Ronin S because it could take most camera combinations

Potato Jet

Oh great. Now Kari’s upset other people get to see me with my pants off

Fernando Nascimento

Thanks for sharing. Keep your good work. For my BMPCC4K, I use a Lanparte offset shoe.

Jonathan Morando

this by far got a good couple laughs outta me .

Berlin Biker

You have a great screen presence, super informative while being entertaining to watch. Now I need an SC, great. haha

SR Entertainment

The gear reviews are great, but you're just funny man. lol

Swapnil Bhartiya

I dont know why people shoot in 4K, when image is not even sharp.

Ritchie Rich Experience

just got mine today making a video on the weekend on it

Evan Butler

Ronan S if far superior the ronan sc can't do underling or flashlight mode and it candle handle the same load plus an hr less battery life all for what a bit less weight absolute fucking joke

Mark Steudel

Actually I like that the joystick unscrews, cause when I have it packed in a backpack, I take it off so that it doesn't get tweaked/bent by something else.