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Icecream Cake Love

Wait what if u r left handed n try to unlock the screen with finger prints??


LoL I am korean so I can't understood some part in video without sub :p
How much is galaxy fold?

Bort Simpsor

I was kinda hoping that you would just buy a Samsung tablet then snap it in half.

Vandana Verma

If anyones brother/sister wants a phone make a half of it

Kaeson Teo

Didn’t we already made phones that flip? Wasn’t it called the flip phone?

Ant Gamez YT

Apple: My phones are expensive
Samsung: fold my beer


I want to see a point I. Getting this but I don’t.


I’m Korean and i love Samsung. Samsung is pride of Korea!!

Rock You

Flip phone: Who are you?

Galaxy fold: I'm you but stronger.

Prime Shadow

But after folding it like 100 times boom broken

Tabuu the Ngyes

Galaxy fold should have a slightly bigger screen when folded because it looks awkward, I know the main gimmick is when its unfolded but seriously make it a bit bigger. The price I honestly think if they want to succeed and make it a success is drop the price just a bit by like 200 bucks at the very least. And Jesus Samsung for the love of God include a case that actually protects it. It is still a neat idea and I shall still am considering it.


so like now when you go buy your tv there in a compact box and you just unfold it and stick it to the magnetic mounts on the wall

ARYAN Phones

I don't know your age,but when i saw Clint Eastwood i remembered my past time when i was watching his western movies in 1980th.........


That’s nice and new that’s your tablet that’s you fold

Exezezz BH

It is foldable, but the middle part of the screen is made of plastic


We're back to the flipping phones! I'd rather invest in a car

Carlo Bayani

how to make a iphone fold
step one: tape two iphone x together
step 2: done