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Chengappachangs Changs

Is this phone ok to play pubg??? answer this question 🙏🙏🙏

Jason R. Berry

Sounds like it. How many speakers are on it?

Oh Dee

Samsung hype is real but will you do a review on the Librem 13 & 15 newest laptop? And what about their newest phone on the way the Librem 5

Arachnid 30

I'm looking forward the the hawauwei mate X more than the galaxy fold

Stracks Gee

It looks unstable. Like maybe the Galaxy fold 3 or 4 might perfect the formula, but I hear peoples screens are fucking up n that. It's a good concept though.


Dang it unbox therapy I came to see the camera quality out of all people I thought you would have it. 😪

Saif El Din Ismail

There is a way to fill a video in YouTube on the Honor 8x.


Give me a stylus and I am ALL IN! I don't need landscape mode. This square form is just right for about everything.

Dinusha K.Perera

no matter how good the phone, i don`t want to carry a BRICK in my pocket

Kevin Le

Option to compare/show the generational difference with the Galaxy Fold and the ZTE Axon M Z999

Al G

Great video!I am really looking forward to the fold form-factor phones

David Caddock

Who else immediately searched for and watched the matches volcano video afterwards?


Almost all the videos I've seen on the "Galaxy Fold", there has been a level of excitement. Love it Samsung.

omar zezo

Wow you are really trying hard to sell it ...

Arthur Wacker

The Fold gets me hype, and I'm not even going to buy it.


You should really get a lady to do the pocket test, see how it fits in tight narrow jeans. I feel the result will be quite a bit different. I suspect there's a fear that the pants pocket might crush the flip mechanism in certain scenarios due to stretching around the butt.

Chris Walker

You're being a hypocrite! Where is the "Don't buy the Galaxy Fold" video! You did it for a $1099 device such as iPhone XS Max, and for many others. This device is like 2 grand and you don't even mention it's flaws such as a plastic layer instead of glass for the larger screen, and the fact that this device is so premature that is should have never been available for consumers!!! You're praising it like Samsung paid you tons of money to advertise it instead of reviewing it!


My Samsung S8 allows me to zoom in and get rid of the side bars so it very much is possible.

Subscribe To T-Series

Most of the videos he played had tik tok ads 😂

The Lone Wolf008

5:36 You're incognito on the fold.
What have you been doing Lou??

Unbox Therapy

Samsung Galaxy Fold or a different flagship for you?


The Galaxy Fold scratches at a lvl 6 with deeper grooves at a lvl 7💪

Rafael Bitencourt

That wasn’t the best type of pants for pocket test... 😂😂

Buddyguyjap Games

3 screens on 1 phone pretty solid. And it transforms into a tablet


Hola soy de Shina matdtene hajss ahrre

Nunca pensé tener tantos laiks omg🙀🙀🙀


And what about the Huawei Mate x? Huawei will not release a new mate x "fold phone"?


This fold is the sht I'm waiting on a few tweaks and a fold plus tho and for them to go to the fuckin present they been pushing screen yo screen no edge than they go backwards on the fold wtf y wouldbt put tht in but Il wait til they fix it to edge to edge and make a plus i might grab it


If you recall the 'old day's of having a flip phone/clam shell phone, its the flip open n flip close motion that's oddly satisfying! Missed those days and that's one of the many reasons that I'm super thrilled to see this product launched! Though its expensive, I do think its great as a One item to replace a phone + tablet.