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Pradeep kumar Marandi

Realme 5 pro vs vivo z1 pro please

baradi kedarnath
Bro we're Deploma 1st year CSE students and we want to execute a hack in our campus it should be in such a way that a picture/photo or audio should be displayed in all the phones present in our campus is it possible to do? We are now fresher's and we want to execute it. So could you plzzz provide a best concept to execute it. Plzz could you suggest us how to do it. Plzzzzzz and thank you if you read this request, if you don't we would think that it would be our bad luck. Ok bro bye… Read more »
nurulislam shohel

can you give me one of them I need it...

charan kumar

What is the cost for 5G variant of note10+ ?

Satyabrata Sahoo

Bhai ek aisa app bolo jis se wp per koi kab online ata he aur kitni der rehta he pata chalega aur free ho

Muhammad Salman

I think lunch hote h mene liya...like nhi karoge bhai log

Tahzeeb Beautiful Video

Note 10+ ka full video bano game or Bhi Sab kuch theek Hai bhai


samsung.................ka mobile ab koi nhi karidta.........sab ko mi/redmi chahiye

Experimental Scientist

Sir please pick my comment!
Which application do you use for editing? Please reply! I am a YouTube creator

Dtp 187

am I the only one seeing a chinise guy sounding like an indan guy?

Ťhàķùŕ Bhàñù Pàŕťàp Śíñğh

Bhai fake subscribers kyu baddaaye hue hai

Ťhàķùŕ Bhàñù Pàŕťàp Śíñğh

Clearly dikhta hai ki tere fake subscribers hai

Dilwar 〽 nawab

1 Galaxy Note 10 plus
2 Pixel 4 exel coming soon
3 Huawei p30 pro
4 I phone xs max

Md sonu

Bhai ye 69000/- only or 79000/- only
nahi hai
Ye omg ( O Mai god ) hai

Surab Uddin

Main note 10 or note 10 plus se ak bhi nehi kharidunga... .itna paisa nehi hain Bhai 😅

Zaid Khan

You've gained a new subscriber.
From Pakistan.

Zaid Khan

I think I would go for the Note 10 plus because of its better battery.

Shubham Ghategasti

Plzz bro aaa phone muja deto... Muja pasand aaya ha...