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Giri Aprian

Love this channel very detail explanation, and easy to learning 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎


Cute Girl...And One Of Samsung's Best Most Splendid Phones... Precisely The One I'd Choose In The Galaxy S10 Lineup...If I Were A Rich Chap With That Sort Of Money Lying About...I Rather More Prefer A Display Size Of At Least 6 Inches These Day...But ESPECIALLY 6.2 Or Larger...The Overall Design Is Marvelous

adrain quan

I still prefer the manual video recording on the lg v50


21 More Bloody Idiot Moron Peasant Dislikes And Counting...

Prasad Koli

Why the hiss sounds so ear poking?it hurts to listen them, maybe your mics doesn't record the voice properly

John Cotton

Just came across your channel that's the best camera explanation I have seen beautifully done you have a new subscriber

André Spinola

Just subbed for the SA accent 😍 feels like home! Great content, probably the best in-depth camera review I've seen on YouTube so far!

Immortel 02

what is the sound of your INTRODUCTION ?😍😍😭


Great Vid for reviewing camera feature in S10+ which really helpful for me... really enjoying your vid... can't wait to get my S10+

Abdullah Ab

*( Huawei P30 pro ) entered in chatroom.
*( Galaxy S10 + ) Left from Chatroom


And I'm here with a single lens camera an S8+ :D.


I will wait for "samsun galaxy s10 plus mini" with measures of 120x60x7mm to be able to put it in my pocket

sean lim

How would you compare the s9+ with the s10+?

Should I wait for s11 or s12 or is the s10 good enough for the upgrade?

Joey Gylytiuk

Well it's official... I'm becoming a photographer

wovazilvova lai

Awesome review 👍
Hopefully you will review Huawei P30 Pro next. P30 Pro photography is no joke!!!

mujeeb rehman

plz do a test with hdr10 plus camera feature

sky peters

I just got mine on Monday because the pre order took forever

Art In Motion Studios

The 3 cameras at the back confuse me because when i cover each one when cycling the different camera lens modes the only camera that i can see being use are the middle and left camera , the right side camera does not seem to be used is it only used for depth information ?


Hi XIAMI user here.
im still using xiami f1. affordable and durable with the best quality specs. i wont be fooled again by samsung. xhiami is cheap but he has the same quality of this shit s10

vRR Gaming and Movies

😍😍your videos allways awesome 😍😍