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Matthias Buesing

I'm a Wear OS user since day 1 (the ugly LG G Watch — urgs) and I had 4 different watches since those days. Honestly I slowly begin to hate Google because the leave the field for especially Apple without any struggling. Wear OS is still laggy as hell (currently running it ony the Fossil Q Explorist 4 Gen.) and there's no real evolution to be seen.

I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 this very day. Beforce I had my doubts about Tizen (not having enough apps etc.) but maybe this one can change my mind...

dhruv jain

Samsung galaxy watch vs Samsung watch active 2 which will be best to buy .


Can you make phone calls and actually talk from the watch? Or does the watch say "see phone " like the previous galaxy active watch?

Ruby Morales

So does that mean that either version we get for the Active 2 (bluetooth or LTE) We can still accept phone calls and answer texts?

Andy Haber

is that a speaker on the left side of the watch?

Majid Hussain

Can anyone help.!! Not sure if i should order the 4G or the bluetooth in 44mm. In all the pictures i've looked at i can't see much difference between the two

Will Vargas

Can I make calls and talk on bluetooth mode.

Emilian Bordean

Did the LTE (4g) version have bluetooth too?

johnny rojas

Why mention the apple watch if you can't use it with android. I don't get that trend from reviewers. I get apple made the first jump but I'm a new android user and it confuses me because I'm trying to sell me apple watch but you guys keep using it in your reviews

Anwar Aslam

What about payment system? Is it have magnetic strip reader (MSR), NFC?

Rick Asante

Your hair is an added bonus to a good review lol

Me Xavier

Not sure who this dude is. Ut be brought up some excellent points. I hadn't even thought about how the edge scrolling might work when it was raining or I was sweating. Now, I need these questions answered! 😁

Jacob Bondt

Piece of junk does not pair does not keep proper step count very poor heart recording.

Jacob Bondt

Do not waste you’re money on this Samsung junk!stupid video ☠️👹👎🏽🤬😤