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noscrub bubblez
the future is in over the air broadcast tv. LG has one that is going to produce 4k from over the air broadcasting and in 5 years all broadcasting will be 4k. set the picture to over the air tv news broadcasts. they require very little contrast and color but will give you a studio reference mode. after that you can artificially increase the contrast by going to the pre-set modes like 'movie' etc. cut the chord is real. people are too smart to keep paying subscriptions to mostly garbage tv. amazon has over 55 pages of cheap antennas — i… Read more »
Glenn Watkins

For $3500 that thing better make me breakfast too ☺

Vril Vendha

Bad reviewer
This guy never give a sincere straight up opinion on any tv...

Lomar Yearwood

Only if it was a wallpaper tv that is cheap

Chris G

After learning about Dolby Atmos / Vision yeah Vizio got my money for future watching pleasure.

L Ashman

You did not select which TV services you wanted to login! You was support to press on each one you pressed none and just pressed next. You select individual because if there is any you do not want to be on the TV then you just don't select.

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Randy Bradley

To bad this TV doesn't support the industry standard Dolby Vision and never will.

Charles Johnson

Noticed that your OTA channel came up in this video, how well does the tv upscale old tv show video, like Leave to Beaver or Andy Griffith show... etc.

Sinjun Khan

Would like to see your review and set up of the Samsung 65 in. 8K.


WOW an LED TV I never seen one of those before


Disappointed you don't show it from the side...

Nate Kenny

I have a Sharp LCD TV made in 2003 that has a separate media receiver like this one. It's interesting how manufacturers started with that design, then went away from it for a decade plus, and now are coming back to it.

Ernest Leitch

Really surprised when you set the tv on it's face to install the stand. The new tv I purchased said to NEVER set it on the face.

Scott Branam

when reviewing, please show how the tv handles 1080p or lower content. Different models use different methods and some will have letterbox effects


Samsung always disrespect the US consumer they do not sell their high end TV's in the US under 65 inches... while the UK AND Korea GETS THEM IN ALL SIZES...also the remote controls are made of  high grade materials ...while the US Samsung Tv's have been recycled the same remote for the past three years even on the high end models like the Q9FN Q8FN 2018 and the Q80R and Q9FN 2019

reviewfor thetube
Vincent said it didnt follow the pq curve in any scene and he begged Samsung to send an update out because it ruins real viewing of hdr content I'm not joking it's bad it ruins specular highlight details and the highlights just arent the same as last year the cokor isnt as rich the contrast is worse I think reviewers forget TVs after a year because most dont have them side by side and I'm telling you last years is just better it really is contrast over angles anyday idk how some reviewers arent seeing it zi saw it when… Read more »

Only 1500 nits? LG OLED 65" C series is selling for significantly cheaper. Am I missing something?


To be honest I would enjoy the unboxing moment to myself with this beauty. 😂


don't forget to talk about the local dimming and contrast difference between this tv and the q9fn 2019 samsung models have been downgraded

Benjamin Bidlack

The best TV reviews period. Caleb is fantastic. Thanks so much for posting these!

Megasmart CS

which brand do you prefer between Samsung and Sony considering value for both and quality?

Victor V

I don’t understand the all the hate towards the “soap opera” effect. I absolutely love it. I modify the settings in all my tv’s to enhance that feature.

Paige M

Hi caleb love the channel and your reviews of tvs

Abdul Basit Shaikh

That was a tiresome video. Don't get me wrong, Caleb, I love your videos. But, an 'unboxing' video shouldn't be so lengthy and verbose.

Cazan-Delureanu Sorin-Manuel

the best 4k tv is lg oled is epic

Yerzhan T

When you do the review, can you check it from the side to see if it's tilting backwards slightly? Some people including me noted that at least the 75 inch is tilting backwards by a few mm.


7:00 see the corners, color/brightness uniformity really bad. I take LG OLED any day.

Digital Trends

What TV do you want us to review next?


Movie setting to me looks washed out? I like natural. But i see alot people use movie

Renato Gaspar

Does it have the same local dimming problem, that q9fn had, like watching any movie and gettin christmas tree lights with a bargain.


The only reason for calling LCD-TV's "QLED", is to fool people into believing its a OLED.


I was thinking of buying this over the older model, but man is that stand ugly and cheap. Also why is there no metal remote on a Q9...? Thought this was supposed to be their flagship TV 🤔

Erik Leypoldt

LED vs QLED vs OLED? Whats better? Why?