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Aaron Ivey

The Sigma 30mm kills me with how much fringing it gives. Is this 56mm is any better?

Vishnu R Nair

just what i was looking for...thank you!


I am torn between getting the sigma 30mm or the 56mm for my A6300

Chelsey Wiggins

I’m stuck between the lumix g9 and Sony a6500 for photos and video but I want to get more into filming this year possibly weddings.I want the autofocus of the Sony but the image stabilization of the g9...I can’t afford an a7iii. Idk which to get

Colin Hamer

Hey Dunna, I just watched all your trilogy review of the sigma lenses. I'm new to videography and I want to buy 2 lenses. What do you think would be a good combination for travel? I guess the 16mm is a must for landscapes, would you pick the 30 or 56mm as a secondary lens? I have the a6500 and mainly do video.

Zuriel Guillen

Damn, I just got the 16mm. Now I have to get this too.

FOTOREFLECTION ~ Wedding and Portraits Photography

has anyone tried this one on a full frame such as the A7 III? Is it compatible?

Yavor Kapitanov

So the 16mm wide isn't stunningly sharp? As far as I know the 16mm is sharpest lens, even more so than the 30mm.

John Donaldson

I just ordered one for my Sony a6500. I agree 56mm is not a carry around lens. But it is great for portraits. I'm excited to have a lens that is said to be so sharp and the price isn't bad either.


What's camera and len you used to shoot with video?


There are tons of street photographers that shoot with 85 mm (FF) or higher. No offense, but just bc it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it's too tight for some.


So, I have a question. I have the sigma 60mm 2.8 art series lens, and I do like it, but it's nowhere near as sharp as my 16mm, 30mm sigmas or my 35mm, 50mm sonys. Why is the art series so lauded when it seems like they don't keep up with their contemporary lenses?

Dillon Osborne

Nice one Dunna, real nice review of this lens man. Been toying around with the idea of it. Currently using the 1.8 50mm Sony lens so not sure if its worth swapping it out just yet.

Gordon Lamb

I just received my 56/1.4 for MFT (mounted on a g85). It's strongly competing against the 30/1.4 as my new favorite lens. The bokeh is absolutely gorgeous at any aperture, and it's so beautifully sharp wide open. Makes it feel like I'm shooting on a full frame camera at half the weight.

Between the Sigma 16, 30 and 56, and (hopefully soon for me) the Samyang 135/2.0, there are so many breathtakingly good MFT options these days.

Regarding the focal length, it's also awesome for nature stills photography and indoor sports.

Brandon Cole Photography

I just posted a photo on my story. Check out the 56mm on my A7R2 vs A73

Brandon Cole Photography

Hey bro question
When I put my 56mm 1.4 on my A7III, I notice the brackets on the screen. Almost like the phase detection brackets or af brackets. How do I remove these brackets?


Hell yeah! Expose that camera sensor baby! Im over my fears now


Great that Sigma cares about Aps-c E-mount users. Sony left Aps-c that's for sure.

ESs Visuals

cool review man, thinking about getting this lens. Check out my photos with the 30mm sigma  on my channel let me know what you think.

S 3

Hi Dunna... i need your advise. im planning to buy a portrait lens, and i cant decide between sigma 30mm f1.4, sigma 56mm f1.4 , or Sony Fe 85 f1.8.

My camera is sony a6500 and currently i hv sigma 16mm f 1.4 and sony 18-105 f4.

Christopher Bonte

Hey nice video again. Do you think you could compare it to the Sony fe 50mm ? It's a full frame lense and I'm interested in whether it would be better to get that one over the sigma 56 as I will be able to use it on a full frame camera if I get one in the future.

James Park

What two lenses will you take if you go abroad for a trip ? Among Sigma 16,30 and 56. ~ 🙂

M Chronicler

Would you recommend this lens for event videography? I don't shoot photos.

Bart Ros

Nice review. Great channel. Time to subscribe. I am a fullframe Sony shooter, but I really liked what the a6400 was offering. I also really wanted to the 35 and 55 zeiss. Tho these Sigma are even better in a way. So I ordered the 16,30,56. Looking forward to it.


how did you edit your photos, they look so amazing after editing


Probably a dumb question, but do the 3 lenses work with the sony a7riii ? Thank you !

Tim Beaton

Actually i came here in the first place from Mr. Undone's channel. This is getting a bit confusing!

Gerald Undone

Excellent use of my catchphrase. I want people to start doing that when I walk into a room. 😜👌
Great job, Dunna. Loved the pace of this video. I laughed out loud at "What's up, YouTube Squad Fam..." Really enjoyed this collab! 😃

Build Guild n’ Refine TV

Well you and Gerald talked me into getting this lens 😉 and Ive been loving shooting portraiture with it on my A7iii...Thanks!
Question though, I just noticed that my JPEG max L size drops to 10m when I put this lens on my A7iii...I’m confused??

Caleb McLellan

85mm is a niche focal length? i've shot multiple events and weddings with only an 85mm... and i know a lot of pros that do as well. But I agree, it's not a "lets just grab and go out for the day" lens.

Angel Trinidad

FYI, some other channel ripped your video and re-uploaded it on YT.
Here's the link: https://youtu.be/k1OdjRGNv5k


Do you use photoshop to edit? Do you have a specific present you use? That edited version of the wood table and Fujifilm camera was amazing !! New subscriber here 🙂 thanks for all your wonderful insight!

Keeping This Tech

Great video! Do you think the AF compatibility will carry over into Sony’s new A6400?! It seems to be a revamped AF System all together. Thanks!

we know macs

Do you have your A6500 video settings posted?


What's camera and len you used to shoot with video?