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Allan Lamb

That is a seriously beautiful camera. When I am ready to make the jump to a full frame camera... Its definitely going to be a Sony

Ahmad Fauzan Perdana


MîLåN SăJãn

SONY Pl MaKe A FüllFraMe Sensor of SiZe 30.mm x 40.mm of 75.MP OR 50.MM :DiaMe†er Cir¢üLar Señsor. THANKS.


If you couldn't shoot with a Polaroid you still won't shoot any better with this camera. Most people watching this need to spend the $3K on developing their skills instead of purchasing another camera. I applaud Sony, Canon and Nikon on their marketing magic. People really think by purchasing a new camera they will transform into better photographers or cinematographers. Your photos and videos will still be just as crappy as they were when you had your 5D! Stop buying into the marketing hype people. Great camera, great specs. Still doesn't make you a better photographer.

Alvin Z

Canon and Nikon : "FINALLY, WE BEAT SONY!"
Sony: "Hold my sake"

Chaithaniya Chakravarthy

Waiting for Sony A7mark 4...

iben Music

We just want a 4:4:4 14bits sensor for video in a RAW format :c (with flip screen)

Ridwaan Gossarad

hi i am a photographer and want 1 sony camera so badd but i dont have the money and i am 13 and my motheer does not have money so i am using a bad nikon but i want a sony a7 iv can somone help me getting 1 please

Shane Van Holm

Im just here for the most recent video just to tell them moneygrabbers to stop abusd the copyright law like morons. Corrupt arses

Robert Chelios

You idiots where the hell is don't a7S III

last Exile

that funny moment when no one asked for this shit. Like we really want a A7Siii

BLU Films

Sufro pero ahora podré tener acceso a la 7III?


for fuck sake go help the xperia phone department with your camera tech