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I wish I could've just pre-ordered the Sony a6400 and shoot some juicy videos with a very generous amount of rolling shutter. It's like buying a Lamborghini with square wheels. The rest of the car looks good though, leather seats, v12 engine, active spoiler, quick 0-60.

Its A Family Thing

I was never fan of Sony. Have they improved?

Tiktok Toyatoya

the rolling shutter is nauseating...focus system is the best though


X-30 has 10 min 4k recording and worse overheating. Also no Ibis as well. And iso performance is worse than Sony

Tech Geek

it's a worth buy
$900 for cam and $900 for lense (approx)

Shikhar Anand

I got a headache while watching the vlog
Man that is shaky

mahfooz ceecy
It can be used for Vlogging with a 10-18mm OSS lens, but i don't think most customers interested in this would be buying this for Vlogging. Sony made A6400 for people who don't want to buy A6000 ( coz it's old with no 4K ) but is not interested in A6500 ( coz it's expensive for an APSC body ). Sony chose to put their new version of the Bionz X processor on to this resulting in better battery backup and heating issues are almost gone. A lot of first time camera buyers would be very much interested in grabbing… Read more »

A live blogging... do you perhaps mean vlogging?


Sony has sigma 16,30,56mm 1.4 awesome lens with reasonable price but Fuji does not have . So thumb up for Sony.

Carl Barcelona

Color science is not the same as A6300.


That rolling shutter is really bad. That is why SONY invited YouTubers to make this thing look like a good purchase by focusing on autofocus, slightly improved battery compared to their own a6500, and the flip-up screen.

Bob Calderon

Better video capability — How?
Head phone port via USB-C — Have you tested it with a microphone also attached?


The a6300 was once the best AF cameras and now it's obsolete. Time does pass by so quickly now.

Sen Madrona

xt30 doesnt have stabilization too. So I think a6400 is a great all around camera.

Twizzian M

I’m still looking for reviews where it’s not named as a ‘Vlogging’ camera, just because it has a flip up screen.
This updated version has has much more to offer than just for vlogs.
I will buy it for price, specs, performance, and for the price I don’t care about the lack of IBiS & rolling shutter as there are work arounds.

E M1

Dude, instead of spending all that money on a plastic camera, remove that ugly mole on your face.

Hock Sing Ng

The colour science is not the same on the a6400. It is similar to the newer a7III. Fuji does not have better low light capabilities on their sensors. This video is somewhat misleading.

If you're vlogging on the a6400, the preferred lens would be the 1018 OSS. Try that for another video.

This camera is a replacement for the a6300. A very good one at that price point.

Gustavo Ulloa

Sony / Zeiss 16-70 f/.4 with this camera is just amazing... Also, get the Sigma trinity: 16, 30 and 56mm f/.1.4

Mad Photographer

DUDE IBIS stabilization is rubbish. You want stability, you need a Gimbal. End of Story. The pop up screen is a non issue. ... Good Review. Subbed

Benoit Levesque
1. You dont need a headphone jack for vlogging 2. The Xt-3 cost 600$ more, has no IBIS ... yet you praise it? and most of Fuji's lenses are slow in video Auto focus3. The mic jack and the USBC (for your headphone lol) on the Xt-30 are to close to each other, you cant use both at the same time... and 2.5mm jack lol wth4. IBIS is not necessary for vlogging, get a small gimbal instead, its 10x better and not much heavier than a Gorilla pod5. The A6400 is only 900$... other than the G85 (which has his… Read more »
Bayou Garage

Thanks for the review! We are upgrading our channel Hoping this helps