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William Alvarez

I think the update process is definitely a lot better then the memory method. Easy and no problems.

Stephen Moniaga

dear sony: car headlamp autofocus please . . . .


How would you go about editing each raw photo for a time lapse, wouldn't that take a very long time?

Vibhor Golash

What about eye af human on a dark place like clubs?

troy X

Great video! Does the new eye af also work for adapted lenses (canon, sigma)?


That focus on the kid. It's insane. Here's hoping sony will improve the Animal AF.

Christopher Jung

Hi Dan, thanks for that test, really helped me out. Could you already test if the new firmware improves the face tracking while using an external monitor? Unfortunately the A7III looses face tracking when recordning 4k internally while an external monitor is plugged in via HDMI. Just wondered if the new update maybe fixed that error.
Thanks a los.


Nice video, I downloaded my update right away. I also downloaded the menu step by step PDF and donated. I have a question, I noticed at 5:50 and 6:43 you are at a shutter speed of 1/320 in video. Can I ask why since we all have been told to shoot at double the frame rate.

j cortes

The real time tracking only eye AF works in wide area ? At least that’s what I’m getting so far on my A7riii . Does seem to work on lock on and for flexible spot it doesn’t work unless I use a previously designated custom key to activate the eye af .

Glorinimex Canada

I wish Sony put a time schedule to start the time laps photo sequence . you go to sleep and in 5AM the camera starts to shoot by itself . now you need to be awake until 3:20AM for that — it has 99 minute delay.

Roland Lawrence
we really need to get a campaign going to get sony to firmware update older cameras. yes these new features look amazing. but i have an a7s. same sensor as the a7s2... 1440p would have been nice. as would have been AF updates. i get the menu systems are awful so sony can keep the same across all their lines of cameras and make more cash... but sweet jesus, they could at least have 2 versions. 1 for the cheapo range and one for the more expensive end — touchscreen etc. just look at how good hasselblad system is and they… Read more »
Behnam Bagherzadeh

I wish you do a complete update work flow of upgrading a7riii because it's scary for people like me who want to do it for the first time

Goody Morillas

Can anyone help me why would one want to have Silent Shooting in Interval ON vs OFF ? Thanks

Matt Haide

Thanks for walking through the new settings. Super helpful!

Bjørn Andersen

Great video.
Found one bug already... Auto power off is now broken in my a7r3... 😢

Mike Lentsch

20 min to update? Somethings not right — it should only take a few minutes.

Scotty Zepplin

Were we supposed to pay for the update?

Prasanth V Aravindakshan

Coool Dan ... i wish ... you shall take a few more seconds on settings ... i replayed three times to understand...

Squanche’L Mcgavin

something to consider that it missed an animal head lmao


Cats poop in a box, walk around in it, and then walk those germs all over your house. Gross...

Sergio Aguilar

does it improve the sigma adapted lenses too or just the native sony lens?

Fördy.de - Fotografie & Film

How can I switch between recognized faces with the a7III? For example in a wedding when I want to focus on the bride, not the cousin, but both faces are recognized?

Justin Brenn

After the 3.0 firmware update on my a7iii, my video won’t play on my iPad Pro in the Apple native photos app. Is anyone else having this issue? All I’m getting is sound and no video, just black screen.

Paul G.

0:02 is there a reason why you emphasize "FREE firmware"? Up to now I expected a firmware update to be always "free" or is there a fancy brand that sells their firmware update that I am not aware of?


Great video update. I like that you led with something other than the animal eye focus. Based on some other vids out there you would think that's the only thing Sony updated. Well done.


in low light i have a problem to focus. any idea.

Alan Pototsky

I’m curious, what focus mode were you using. I saw cf, but were you using wide, area, etc.?

Justin Chia

Less than 2 minutes update after i found out my front USB port inop. Thanks!


Hey Dan, thanks for putting up this video. I was wondering if this firmware update has taken care of the problems we get when there is backlighting is kinda brighter than the subject? Thanks.

Brett Fraser

How long after you clicked "Finish" did you have to wait until your camera screen read that it was actually finished??? I've been waiting for over 20 minutes (since clicking finish) and it still reads "USB Mode Mass Storage" Thanks!

Nick Johnson

Holy crap Peter Jackson uses Sony too. Sweet!

Murat Öztürk

I have a question. There was a difference about focusing capability between a7iii and a7riii. Especially about eye detection. Does this new update equalise focussing capabilities of both models?

elj photography401

This updates only available for the a7riii not the a7iii

Ankur Chaudhari

Can I upgrade it from 1.10 to 3.0 directly?

David B

I went to a historical re-enactment last weekend with this update and to get sharp focus on faces was ridiculously easy! All I had to do was concentrate on my composition. Thank you Sony!!!!

Маврик Бонд

What do you mean FREE UPDATE? Are you Jewish?

Marlon Orellana

his guide is pretty good actually I got it!

Jens Eser

How to do Monitor/Display Recording on the a7iii?

Χαρης Παπ

Has anyone tested video autofocus with updated Sony a7 iii and MC-11 with an adapted lens? Does it work now? Thanks in advance

witt morgan

Wow, you got a really cute son! Excellent vid as well! Keep it up the good work bro!


Thanks!! I was waiting for this 😍♥️🎉