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Matthew Emillio

Just taking a pause at the 1min mark to say... buddy, U need a lint brush!

Huw Jones

I shoot 4k on my a7III outside, inside with lights w/o lights never have heat problems.
However, if we assume that the downsampling from 6k to 4k generates a lot of the heat because of processing, will less heat be generated in 6k video (no downsampling) so could a firmware update give us 6k video?

DML Channel

What color lipstick are you wearing Dave? My GF might like it.

The Filmmaking Channel

Why are you wearing lipstick? Also your sync us off


Great long long long long term review 🙂 I use several cameras and also the Sony A7III, which I really like. But there are two things that will be hopefully better in the A7 IV — I want to have 10 bit 4:2:2 internal — and yes, you can really see the difference when color grading — Grading Sonys slog is a pain. And I would like to have 4K60fps 🙂 This in combination with the awesome Sony glass would be a dream come true 🙂

Eugenia Loli

Your t-shirt is full of your dog's hair. That's 4k for ya... 😀

Mark Shirley

I think the bit rate thing can be a bit of a misnomer (see what I did there) but what I did notice is when compared to the EOS-R the highlight roll off is much nicer on the R and I'm a Nikon shooter. I don't know if that has anything to do with Canons higher bitrate depth or not to be honest.

P Godaz

There are some Audio video sync issues, unless it's my computer.

Dragan Ruzic
I cannot for the world understand why your channel isn't getting loads of subscribers... My life with the A7III is also aprox a year now. I thought I'd be doing more video than stills and it was the opposite. I'm blown away by the quality of stills, coming from M43 Lumix (which are very nice for what they do) that I used before. I'm now experimenting the HLG/B2020 with Leeming Lut Pro by Paul Leeming. This makes a very fast workflow and a fast turnover when editing. Great instructions manual from the author and he's very supportive if I'd had… Read more »

Why are people saying sony captured alot of green. It's Fuji who does. Fuji sensors capture much more green with their x-trans senso. I always thought sony captures more red. Any thoughts on this?

Dave McKeegan

UPDATE — In the video I said you can't use an external monitor when recording 4K internal ... actually turns out you can but only if you don't use proxy recording — when recording proxies the HDMI will shut off

Reclusive Eagle

Hell I'm just surprised that there is still paint on the thing and your screen still works. Sony reeaaaly need new coatings.

Andres vasquez

Good video. 👍🏻. One thing I noticed on my Sony camera that you did not mention the rolling shutters is very remarkable how you solve that problem? I appreciate if you help me with that

Danyal Fryer

I keep reading everywhere that it’s only 8 bit video, is that true? If so, that’s quite disappointing... hmmm, not sure if to pick it up or not

Cowboys 5 Group

Your issue with flat profile on Sony is Sony.

Peter Lemke

A refreshingly honest review — the good, the bad and the ugly. Dave how much experience shooting video did you have prior to purchasing the Sony?

I'm a stills shooter thinking of dabbling in video. Can l get started without having to spend hours and hours editing on a PC or subscribing/buying expensive software?


The XT3 completely kill the A7iii for me, I sold my Sony kit and went with an xt3 + a bmpcc 4k and it's a night and day especially for more challenging situation. Highlight roll off of the XT3 is better (even more with the bmpcc).

For photo the sony still kills it tho


The downside is the 4k is really nice yet the 1080 is quite bad on all SONY cameras.

Handy chandra

Can we get information where did you get luts from?

Rafał Gołębiowski

Hi, what did you record this episode? What camera? You have a beautiful picture, very clear

Per Alexander Moan

you need to clean the sensor on that camera :O