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Robert Smith

Great unit not too sure if I,ll upgrade yet, maybe when Einfinty drop the price a bit, but as always it’s not about how big you print but the ability to do massive crops which I find on both the 2 and 3 been a godsend, great review Gordon


Could you show faces when doing group portraits. I always find faces blurry on dslr

Nigel Harrison

pre-ordered the A7R IV and the digital microphone! — Gordon do you know when it will arrive in the UK ? early Sept or late?


great review Gordon! am a follower since your canon 40D review...

Michael S.

Sony really knows what those Soccer-Moms do need!

KL Tah

How many stops of IBIS? Have they caught up to the Panasonics yet?

Masticina Akicta

A lot of megapixels. But that is today! And I guess if you print really big why not?


I have to stick with my Canon 5D Mark IV. I really like what Sony is doing but something about Canon keeps me with them.

Phil Indeblanc

Can you do some of us a favor, and just do a short test clip by...Taking a few full size 61mp raw images, and then previewing on the camera (100% zoomed) so we can see in real time speed at how long it takes from shooting a few scenes and then preview to seeing a image on the camera 1:1 zoomed in.

Rémy Sanchez
I really doubt about the mathematical soundness of applying the same sharpening filter on a higher-resolution image. Indeed if it has the same parameters it will use the same radius in terms of pixels count and not in actual size. Since the filter might be calibrated for lower resolutions this probably explains the results in a higher resolution. Basically, the software thinks that pixels are bigger than they actually are and then produce this very noisy output because it doesn't properly average the value.A better test would be to downscale both images to have exactly the same size and then… Read more »
Victor Guillen

I'm a Fuji guy but learning what new features other camera got is pretty neat


glad to hear you are still in the business

nature albums

I'm interested in the AF speed compared to A9 for wildlife particularly BIF. Would love to know if the MC11 adapter works well with the Canon 300mm f2.8LIS on this new cam. I am also looking at how well either Camera works with the Sony 200-600mm. Nice review would love to see how it fits my larger hands I'm used used to using 1Dmk3 and 7Dmk2 and recent years Nikon.

nerd Mike

The only critique for me... I don't know why they do not to put the drive dial on the body like A9 or at least why not move the mode dial on the left to allow a small top lcd on the right?
Don't want to bind every button, I prefer to have physical dials.
This is the only cons together with the old style menu, let's hope for a fw update to solve this on III and now IV series...

Rupert Murdock - Griffen

I need to film drones at night. Small, fast and bight lights against black sky.
What is the best camera? Should I go for a higher ISO?

Frozn Fire

It's kind of hilarious that sony is able to output 60mp FF cameras but a interval shooting mode has just arrived now, after cameras from other companies had it for ages, even in the lowest tier models. Anyways, superb review


nice pretty camera and len...
but still both problems...
1- blur blur focus
1- blur blur focus depth of field


That high ISO performance (well, actually low ISO too), is interesting. Looks like the usable top limit of pixel pitch has been reached, if not surpassed. I'm struggling to understand why Sony went this high for 35mm. 'Marketing' springs to mind. I say this as an owner of many an Alpha camera.

Shoom Shoomich

Very good review. Thanks! I fink I'll sceep this one